14 Amazing Bachelor Party Ideas

Your best buddy is getting married and you, being the best man, have the heavy responsibility to organize a bachelorette party. This is a very serious task! You best buds last day as a free single person. You must make this day count! YOU AND YOUR PALS SHOULD ALWAYS REMEMBER THIS DAY. This is a huge responsibility indeed but don’t worry so much, we got you covered. Here are fourteen amazing bachelor party ideas based on kind of stuff you are into.

  1. If You and Your Mates Love Adventures

If you can your friends love adventures then these ideas are perfect for you. One last adventure as a bachelor will surely be something memorable. Here are some ideas for adventurous bachelorette parties.

  • You and then gang can hit the sea, rent a boat or a yacht and sail away with your Pirates! You can drink, sing, dance or do all of this together!
  • If you are not a big fan of the sea then you can always hit a bar, a themed bar, and have a crazy night.
  • You can go skydiving! Yeah! Total freedom. Feel like a bird as the air hits your face and have the time of your life.
  • If air, water and land aren’t working for you then you can take a more conventional way out and go on a war, A PAINT BALL WAR!

In addition to these ideas, you can have little competitions like whichever side wins the Paintball tournament gets free drinks for the night, or whoever dances for the longest gets a hundred bucks. These ideas can be a little expensive but it will definitely be worth it.

You mate will never forget these adventures.

  1. If You and Your Mates Love to Play it Wild

If you want to take your to-be married friend outside in the world and do the things your way in the wild then here you will find some great ideas here, so these are some of the ways you can spend the bachelorette party in the arms of other nature.

  • You can go fishing. If you and the gang spend time at the sea and catch some good fishes then you sure should do this one more time before your pal gets married. You can rent the equipment or use your old ones which are already loaded with memory. You can also have competitions like whoever catches the biggest fish gets a $100 or he who catches the least pays for all the drinks.
  • Spend the day and the night in the mountains. You can go hiking, cook your own food and gaze at the stars in the dying light. You can rent a cabin or build a tent yourself for the night and drink with the gang around the bonfire. It can not get any memorable than this.
  • Go skiing. It is an amazing idea if you are into that kind of stuff. You can go to the cold tops of the mountains and ski down for as long as you can. You can rent the cabin too if you want your mates to spend the night in a more homely way.

3. If You and The Gang are Into Sports

If your mates are sporty type then you have hundreds of options. You can play whichever sport you love and refresh some of your precious memories. Here are some sports activities you can do with your mates to spend the bachelors.

  • Go Golfing. What can be more classic than a day spent at the golf course. Golf gives you nature, sport and a lot of memories. It can be a little expensive if you go to luxury courses but golfing with friends is really an amazing way to spend the bachelorette.
  • Hit the bowling alley. Bowling can be crazy fun even if you don’t know how to play it. Bowling allies are a fun place to be at, the screen animation to your mats slipping off, everything is super fun at that place. It is not very expensive and you can play it for long durations.
  • Beach volleyball. Yeah, beaches are perfect bachelorette destinations. A beach volleyball game is something on a different level! There is nothing like it and you get to pump up your heart to the heat of the sun. Not just that, you get to meet lots of people! You come with five mates and leave with ten.
  • Video games! Yes, they are a sport too! Go in a team in a Battle Royale and win some matches, many memories are made while playing games. After marriage you may not get the chance to get your mate for video games night so just JUMP INTO IT!

  1. If You are Outdoor Types

If you and the gang love to hangout out in the open then you definitely should go with these ideas.

  • Go on a road trip. Road trips are more beautiful than heaven itself. The open roads, the air and your mates and you talking and drinking. Just go look for a beautiful destination and plan an amazing trip. You mate will definitely be too ‘occupied’ for these things after the marriage so make sure you ake this trip worth remembering.
  • Go on a long ride. Take a train or a boat and go on a long trip. With friends it will be an amazing and memorable experience. You don’t have to worry about driving or anything, just get relax and chill with your mates.
  • GO TO VEGAS! This is a little specific and can cost a lot but nothing beats Vegas. You don’t know what will happen next, once you start your night at Vegas. That place is made for bachelorettes! Pubs! Clubs! Casinos! Everything is there. You and you mates will never ever forget this night.

These were fourteen awesome ways to spend the bachelor party with you friends, Make the night memorable!

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