5 Top Vaping Tips New Vapers Must Know

Trying to quit smoking but unable to do so? If you have tried all the well-known methods, then maybe you should give vaping a try. Vaping is the future of smoking. A lot of people have sworn that they have completely given up on cigarette smoking, thanks to their vape pen. Vaping is basically the process of inhaling smokes generated from electronic cigarettes or vape pens or any similar device. 

What is a vape pen?

A vape pen or e-cigarette works when the e-liquid is atomized with the heat produced. The aerosolized smoke is then breathed in. Each e- cigarette consist of a cartridge, a heating element, e-liquid, temperature regulator in some, mouthpiece and batteries. 

Tips to vape better-

If you are planning to switch to vaping, here are a few tips which can help you-

  1. When you buy a vape pen or e-cigarette, check what all ingredients you need in it. If you need a certain amount of nicotine, then you can get an e-liquid which contains the that. If you just want regular or flavoured e-liquid, then you can opt for the ones without nicotine. You can also select the amount of nicotine the e-cigarette should have. If you are trying to quit smoking, the nicotine levels should be chosen according to the number of cigarettes you used to smoke in the day. The idea is to reduce the amount of nicotine in the e-liquid gradually. 
  2. There are a lot of different kinds of e-liquids available. It might cost a little extra but its always best to invest in premium quality e-liquid, sold by certified dealers or brands. Don’t breathe in something that’s not reliable.
  3. You need to clean your vape pen properly. Every once a month should be more than enough but it also depends on the frequency of your use. You need to regularly clean the mouthpiece, inner chamber and e-tank. This ensures that you always inhale fresh aerosolized liquid and not residual substances from previous loads. They might contain harmful bacteria and other microbes. 
  4. Don’t expect it to be a magical equipment that will instantly take you away from cigarettes. Give it some time, get used to it; slowly start reducing the nicotine content of your e-liquid. You can only quit cigarettes and your nicotine addiction over a period of time. Don’t expect instant results. 
  5. Whatever you do, always follow the local laws. There are restrictions to the kinds of liquids one can carry while travelling and restrictions on places to smoke. Some places also do not allow the inclusion of cannabis in vape pens, so make sure that when you are purchasing and vaping, you aren’t breaking any laws. 

Follow these few tips and take it slow. You can purchase your vape pens online these days. Certified sources like e-liquid uk are a good place to buy your first vape pen. 

If you are picking up the habit of vaping to exclusively quit smoking, then patience is the key. You will have cravings and urges. Take some time to get used to it. If you have urges, vape for a while, then take in some deep breaths, have some water and chew some gum. A combination of all this and your determination will help you quit the cigarette habit soon. So, hang in there.

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