A Few Tips From A Plumber On Avoiding Burst Pipes And Things You Need To Do Beforehand 

The onset of winter after a hot and sweaty summer is a welcome change, but as winter progresses, the problems start. The freezing temperatures can cause havoc in your pipelines. As the water solidifies, the water pipes expand and burst. This is one of the major problems every homeowner needs to face when winter gets to freezing points. This article can help you with a few tips to be prepared for some great winter months.

How to avoid bursting pipes

One of the most common issues faced by a house owner is the bursting pipes in winter. Most of the pipes are designed to withstand the structural changes caused by the expansion of water, but sometimes it needs expert hands to get things right. Here is how you can avoid this common occurrence of bursting pipes:

  • Make sure that your pipes are well insulated so that the cold air doesn’t create any problems. 
  • To avoid freezing water pipes, your boiler needs to be well maintained. This keeps the heat on and makes the water flow freely.
  • Checking your water pipes by an expert plumber and making the necessary changes can go a long way in avoiding unwanted issues
  • Boiler repairs need to be dealt with immediately. You can contact the best boiler repairs london to keep your boilers in top shape.
  • Always check your home’s temperature see to it that it doesn’t drop below 32 degrees, especially where pipes are running through the wall.
  • Never allow cold air to circulate inside the house; make sure that your house remains warm throughout the winter. This will keep your pipes warm, and the water is flowing.

Contact the best plumber

Being prepared for a certain situation is a good trait, so before winter arrives, it is better to focus on the required areas and do the needful. See to it that an expert plumber is contacted, and all the plumbing issues are dealt with before the onset of winter. The things you need to look into are the following:

  • Pipes that are frozen

Frozen pipes are the most commonly occurring problems that people face during winters. 

When pipes freeze because of freezing water, it turns brittle and breaks. This causes the water to leak. An expert plumber will make all the necessary arrangements so that your pipe remains warm throughout the winter.

  • Movement of pipes

Sometimes the water pipes are not properly fixed to the walls; this makes them move inside the walls when the water suddenly gushes into the pipes when it is turned on. Continuous moving can loosen the joints or break the pipes causing water to leak.

  • Pressure 

Water pressure plays a major role in the proper functioning of the pipes. The right amount of pressure should always be maintained because an increase in pressure can cause the pipe to burst. A plumber will check the water pressure using the water gauge, and if he feels that the pressure is high, then he will fix a pressure decreasing valve and reduce the pressure.

  • Corroding water pipes

Low-quality pipes and aged pipes can be prone to corrosion. Though pipes are meant to last long, it sometimes doesn’t serve the required period. The pH value of water can also cause pipes to get rusted. So it is always good to contact a plumber and the pH value of your water supply. Hard water can cause the iron water pipes prone to corrosion. This is also a reason you can experience bursting pipes.

Take immediate action

Don’t wait for the problem to turn into a massive one; regular checking and proper maintenance can help you deal with the problem without making it a bigger and expensive issue. First, make sure that your boilers are working properly. This can keep your water and house warm. Contact boiler repairs london see to it that they are in the best working condition. So be prepared and take immediate action so that you don’t have a mountain of problems to deal with.

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