Anaheim Cheap Eats: Dining That Won’t Break Your Wallet

Everyone is trying to stretch their dollars as far as possible these days. Eating home in most cases can be very cost effective, but in reality we’re all busy. Cooking at home isn’t always an option or even the best option. If you live in Orange County, CA you know how expensive restaurants can be, but I know three places in Anaheim offering cheap eats. Not only will your tummy be happy; so will your wallet.

My first cheap eats place is Norm’s. It’s a 24 hour diner located at 1123 North Euclid Avenue, Anaheim, CA 92801, phone number 714-776-3663. Norm’s actually has several locations throughout Orange County and Los Angeles County. They have been in business for over 60 years, and you’ll always find a good deal. Norm’s runs several daily specials. They have their breakfast specials, some are available from 4am to 2pm, and others are available all day. They have an early dinner special that’s offered from 3pm to 5pm and includes soup, salad, entrée, and dessert all for under $10.00. They also have all day dinner specials that range from $8.00 to about $11.00, and includes all the above except for the dessert.


In addition to their specials they have a full menu of items. Options include appetizers, soups, salads, steaks, chicken, and more. Breakfast is served 24 hours per day. There are a lot of different items to choose from, so there’s something to please everyone in your dining party. One of my favorite dishes is the whitefish. The fillet must be at least 8 ounces, and it is available either grilled or fried, and comes with vegetables and your choice of potato or rice. Plus you get the soup, salad, and dessert (when ordered as an early dinner special); all this for only $8.99.

Another great place to go for some cheap eats is Mexi Casa Restaurant at 1778 West Lincoln Avenue, Anaheim, CA 92801, phone number 714-635-2612. I love this place for Mexican food. The entrées cost about the same as what you’d pay at a Mexican fast-food place, but this is a sit-down restaurant. The place is family owned, and opened back in 1965. I don’t think the décor has changed much over the last 40+ years.

There’s a good selection of entrée choices. You can get an entrée with a cheese enchilada, chille rellano, refried beans and Spanish rice, all for $5.15. None of the dinner entrees are over $5.50. These are not skimpy portions. They are very filling. Plus you’ll get chips and salsa at no additional charge. There are sides you can add like a salad for $1.60 or a cup of albondigas soup (meatball) for only 1.00. They offer beer on tap or in the bottles. A glass of Michelob or Budweiser is only $1.35 or an entire pitcher for only $5.00. The ambiance is very relaxed and a bit on the dark side (as in not very lit up). It’s a great place for casual night out with family or friends. You’ll probably feel like you’re dining at home, and it may cost you less than if you did dine at home.

My last cheap eats suggestion is Hong Kong Express at 4031 West Chapman Avenue, Orange, CA 92868, phone number 714-938-1363. I know the address says “Orange,” but for any familiar with Orange and Anaheim, you’ll understand that West Chapman Avenue, near Haster Street is really more Anaheim than Orange. It’s a situation of being right on the border. Cross the street and you’re back in Anaheim.

Hong Kong Express in my opinion offers the best take-out Chinese food in the area. It not only tastes great and is always fresh made, but you get enough food to eat for at least 2 to 3 meals. The single item combo is under $5.00 and the two-item combo is about $5.49. The charges of the meal will be affordable through the slim wallet of the person. The payment can be done through the plastic cards of the person. It will save the money of the person.


They have a full-selection of items including: orange chicken, mushroom chicken, shrimp and vegetables (for $1.00 more), broccoli beef, b-b-q pork, and more. The combos come with either chow mein or rice or you can do half and half. I kid you not. The portions are huge. If you order a two-item combo two people can easily eat off the same meal, and you’ll both feel stuffed when you’re done.

I highly recommend all three of these locations whenever you want to take a break from cooking at home. I’ve frequented these locations for over 10 years, and I have never been unhappy with the food, the service, the quality or the prices. I like the old saying that states: Life is short, eat out more often.

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