Antlers at Vail Condominium: A Great Place to Stay in Vail, Colorado

Summertime is downtime in Vail, Colorado, which means there’s no better time to make plans for a vacation to this beautiful mountain region. Crisp weather and cool hotel rates are just a few of the advantages of traveling to Vail during July and August, when the rest of the country is reeling in heat and humidity. You can take refuge in one of the many penrose sims drive accommodations in the vicinity. Hotels in top ski locations don’t get desperate for occupants in the summertime, but they sure do appreciate your business, and their room rates reflect this in the summer months. At least, that’s what our experience has proved at the Antlers at Vail Condominium in Vail, Colorado.

When we first laid eyes on the Antlers at Vail condos, it was a sight for tired eyes. We’d been “oooh-ing” and “aaaah-ing” at the Rocky Mountain scenery a few hours earlier during our 13-hour drive to Vail, but now where we were more than ready to get settled and rest up.

Antlers is located right outside the heart of Vail Village, so it wasn’t too difficult to find, no thanks to the poorly engineered street system everyone must use to enter and exit the village. Its façade looks just like a Swiss lodge that Samantha Brown from the Travel Channel would feature in one of her European tours. The same lodge theme carries on through the lobby and into each luxurious room.

After procuring our room keys from the front desk, we found a spot in the parking garage for our vehicle and unloaded our luggage. While the trail from the garage to the rooms looked a little drafty and in need of a few updates, the distance to our room was fairly short, considering our condo was on the lower level of the lodge.

As we trudged through the door, luggage in hand, we were greeted by a breathtaking mountain view out the deck window. We barely even noticed the luxurious leather couches, granite countertop, and kitchen amenities we were so excited. Yes, the furnishings at Antlers in Vail are both classy and comfortable. There was even a stone-walled gas fireplace, although we didn’t need to use it during the time of our stay.

Once we’d settled in, it was time to check out the facilities. The bathrooms were elegantly tiled, and although none of us were too fond of the see-through shower doors, the facilities were well-kept and clean. Towels were provided daily so long as we threw the dirty ones on the shower floor (apparently hotels are “conserving water” these days.) Simple maid service was included with the price of the rooms, so beds were made and bathrooms were cleaned daily as well.

Our rooms featured a master bedroom and a bunk bed room, along with a pullout bed under the largest sofa in the living room. Unlike most hotel bunk beds, these weren’t rickety or creaky at night. The master bedroom was spacious and the bed was in fine condition, as were the pillows. Even the pullout mattress was comfortable!

Kitchen amenities were a plus for us, since we had packed breakfast materials for each morning and hauled them with us. A full-size refrigerator/freezer held all the milk, soda pop, fruit cups, and leftovers we could possibly hope to eat within the next week, and the freezer made the ice, so we didn’t need to run out to an ice machine. A stove/oven unit, dishwasher, full sink, and microwave were also present in the room.

It was a little chilly to swim in the outdoor pool at Antlers, but we braved it anyway. There were a few hot tubs around the pool area as well, which we used more than the pool itself. All the water areas were blue and clean, so we didn’t have any qualms about splashing in them for cleanliness purposes.

If you’re planning on making a trip to Vail this summer, you might just want to look into Antlers at Vail Condominiums. Their rates for this summer start at $190, which are quite a deal in comparison to the winter rates of $270 minimum. There are special discounts if you order online as well, but just make sure you check your reservations on the phone once you’ve secured them online for a true confirmation.

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