Apartment Complex to Avoid

My family and I moved to this community two years ago, after my grandmother passed away. Lakeside, itself is a great place to live, with great schools (review of schools to follow later). We moved into the Woodglenn Apartments, thinking it was a great place to live. Woodglenn is one of the few places that allows all pets, after paying a pretty hefty deposit.

Woodglenn itself advertises a dog run, and that they accept dogs under 25 lbs. That is all well and good, but it is nothing but a lie. The website clearly states no dogs over 25 lbs, but talk to the manager and she will tell you they accept dogs of all sizes, because of discrimination threats. The dog run they advertise, is filthy and not kept up. It also doubles as a partial basketball court. A tenant comes in and cleans up all the mess the dogs leave behind, because the owners are too lazy to clean it up, even after repeat warnings. If you talk to the manager, she will tell you that they don’t offer a dog run, so they dont feel the need to keep that area up. We are sure that when you seek a condo for sale, you might want to look out for these factors. 

We made notations of everything that needed to be fixed in the apartment, prior to moving in. Nothing got repaired till nearly a year later!! Some things still remain unfixed to this day, over two years later, and several reminders in writing.

Yes, it is very close to some wonderful schools, that is most definitely a plus. Our son’s school is within walking distance, less than two blocks away.

The one thing that totally scares the daylights out of me, and yes, I have voiced my concern and displeasure at the fact that they have two child molesters living in this complex. Shocking? yes, very much so…this complex has many children, yet it houses two individuals who have been convicted of sex acts with minors under 14. Nearly all the children in this complex are in that age range. And the manager, when approached about this, claims that her hands are tied and she can do nothing about this. Would you want your kids to live in a complex with two sexual predators?….or let your kids go to a school that has sexual predators within blocks of it?

Another downfall of this apartment is the rampant drug use (paraphernalia has been found in the dog run), loud boisterous parties, and blatent racial problems. Lakeside is so small, we dont have our own police force, we have to “borrow” police from a neighbouring city when we have problems in the complex, so it takes that much longer for them to show up.

Sadly, there isnt much the police force can do. They advise you to contact the manager, and have her deal with it. Well, you can guess how far that goes. Complain in person or in writing, either way, you will get the same response. She will be nice to you to your face, but nothing gets done.

The complex looks like a ghetto. Trashy furniture, awful looking bamboo type blinds covering people’s porches, etc…garbage, beer bottles, etc. are thrown everywhere. Yes they have grounds crews come in once a week, and yes their on site maintenance crew goes around with a broom every so often, but not nearly often enough, and stuff goes for weeks without being picked up. Dog attacks are common here in this complex…including pit bull attacks and bull mastiff attacks (we all know that these dogs are nowhere near being under 25 lbs).

The turnover rate at this complex is amazing. Its rare to see someone stay more than 6 months in any given apartment…but do they move out of the complex? Usually not, they move to another unit. As I said, we have been here for over 2 years and have seen around 6 different families move into the apartment directly above us. Each one seemingly worse than the last.

My advice? Move here at your own risk.

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