Best Geauga County Carpet Sales and Installation Companies today

In Geauga County, Ohio there are only a handful of companies who will install carpeting. Only few sell the best and most reliable portable carpet cleaner as well. Many carpeting and flooring places will sell you the materials, but you have to find an installer or do it yourself. If you are interested in doing this kind of project yourself, you will find that it is much easier to DIY this kind of thing than it used to be! These days with all of the great free instruction you can get from the folks at the carpet store, plus add to that all the detailed information you can find in some of the sites articles, and anyone can be an expert inside an hour, with a few minor mistakes of course. Don’t forget that there is almost always padding to install before you put down your new carpeting, and the floor underneath all this new material has to be solid, and level.

I am a huge fan of dealing locally with smaller family owned companies, so when we needed to get great carpeting installed for a Make A Wish project, we went directly to the Burton Carpet Shoppe. As things turned out, we had one of the most wonderful buying experiences ever. This is one big happy family which seems to be having a great time running the carpet and flooring business together. The wife runs the store exceptionally well, and the father and son do the installations. When we approached them to help with one of our Make A Wish basement projects they were so helpful, and gracious that it brought tears of joy to our eyes. They not only gave us a super deal on materials, they also installed the carpet and padding for free! In my opinion this should be the first stop you make when you need carpeting or flooring anywhere in or around Geauga County, Ohio. Please stop in and visit with Mike and Carrie Giel and tell them that the Make A Wish volunteer sent you! Burton Carpet Shoppe, Inc. Their address is: 12300 Kinsman Road, Newbury, Ohio. On Route 87 just West of Route 44. Phone (440) 564-8151 Visit their website for more information,

We visited JPF Interiors once for carpeting on our newly built screen porch, and they set us up with some really durable indoor outdoor carpeting that has lasted quite a while now. We did the install ourselves since it was a fairly small job. The people we met with were friendly and very helpful. Their prices were reasonable, and they offer more interior decorating and design services than just carpeting. They are located in Chardon Ohio at: 11464 Parkside Rd. phone (440) 286-8526 Check out their website,

One of the bigger players in this area is The Home Depot store located in Chardon, Ohio. Here you can get inexpensive carpet, and a very affordable installation. they have many different styles of carpet, and can arrange for delivery and installation right from the sales counter at the store. When we visited them for some hardware to fix a garage door, we noticed that they have a display of specialty carpeting with NFL, and College football logos! It is really cool stuff! This branded carpeting was slightly expensive, but the carpet is usually only a small portion of your decorating budget when you are redesigning a room! Store address: 287 Meadowlands Dr Chardon, OH. Phone (440) 279-0400

I see a lot of carpeting sales locations around Geauga County, but very few of these places offer installation. It seems to me that doing this kind of physical and manual labor is becoming a lost art form which we as Americans cannot afford to let go! So when your kids career counselor says they should be doctors or lawyers, consider talking them into trying to learn some sort of a trade. Just think how much happier your kids will be when they learn to do things with their hands and their brains instead of sitting on their precious breakable butts!

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