Bitcoin- A Dominion of World Currency?

Who does not want to be successful in life? Who does not want to lead a life full of comfort and luxury? Without any tension or stress? What is it that one needs to do to achieve goals and accomplish everything?

These are the questions whose answers are still being searched for, with little to no success. There is something in the nature of human beings that he wants to get everything all at once while, in sharp contrast, he does not wish or desire to achieve anything at all or, to make it simple, he has no desire in life (or for it) at all.

The needs and desires are many, but the problem is that the resources are limited, with many on the brink of extinction. There has been a serious depletion of resources in the past few decades and ones that have been essential in the very existence of human life.

There are two kinds of resources available: renewable and non-renewable resources. The renewable resources are the ones that can be used again and again while the non-renewable ones are limited in use and cannot be done so more than once.

This one aspect is a matter of serious concern and if the issue is not dealt with sooner then there will come a time, much sooner than later, where life will cease to exist and completely wiped out from the face of the earth.

Now, nobody can afford that can they? They cannot simply just sit back and relax and let others, grown-ups and experienced people in such matters take care of the business.

Another important issue here are the limited number of job offers in the market due to excessive competition and over burdening population that has done serious damage and destroyed the life prospects of many talented individuals, leaving them with no choice but to do menial jobs far below their skills and expectations. When the job market seems out of the question, another option that pops up in mind is doing business.

Now, it is one thing talking about setting up a good business and another to practically implement the plan into action. It is here where most of the people make the mistake of relying and putting all their earnings and savings into one business with little knowledge of its worthiness in the market or the dire consequences that awaits them should the business fail.

The most paramount thing in their mind is to somehow set the business up, by hook or crook, in order to generate income to provide a better lifestyle for the family, but sadly the strategy backfires and they end up biting off more than they can chew.

While the business requires excessive funds and a good piece of land for it to come up, the job market abounds with numerous examples of corruption and nepotism in many, different corporate and government organizations.

The emergence of bitcoin has come up as a welcome oasis for many potential investors, businessmen and job-deprived youngsters who have taken the plunge and have encountered both success and failure.

Bitcoin is a digital currency that is decentralized and deregulated in nature. It means that it does not have any central bank to monitor and take care of it. Launched in 2009, it quickly caught the fancy of everybody due to its creative and innovative method of income generation.

It is a process through which many people are earning millions everyday through financial transactions The bitcoin era process is the one from which you are able to make your own account and start trading and investing through this new process called crypto-currency.

While it has been seen that the bitcoin was successful in its initial years, its fortunes changed, resulting in many people being rendered penniless and it was generally viewed as a ponzi scheme due to negative impact and word of mouth reviews.

To say that it will dominate world currency is too strong a statement. Even terming this thought as an ‘overstatement’ cannot justify how ludicrous and childish it would sound today.

Due to its meteoric rise, it seems to have got its share of fame and admirers, but its even greater downfall has led to it being regarded as a dubious and fraud money making investment scheme and therefore has very few takers to its name today.

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