Brita Slim- Water Filter For The Day

Sometimes you are at a crossroads at what to do and what not to do because it becomes a moral dilemma when you to choose one of two or more things, especially when you feel that both sides have a strong argument and are therefore right in their respective approaches.

It is truly an incomprehensible task to do but you have no choice but to go ahead with it and if it pertains to one of the basic necessities essential for human life, then it is all the more difficult to narrow down your selection to a handful.

Water is one of the five elements of the earth that comprises nearly 70% of the human body so you can understand how important it is for all living beings on this planet but it is full of pollutants and you have no idea about what damage they can cause.

Purified Outcome

When the situation is so grave, then it becomes necessary to look for relevant alternatives which have been followed diligently as you can find almost every household with a water filter or purifier to clean it off all impurities, thereby making it safe to drink.

In times of yore, women, especially in villages, used to get up early in the morning and go to the local tap in the vicinity to fill their pitcher with water by standing in a line for hours but it was well worth it as it would become a regular exercise to keep the body fit and healthy.

But now, since times have changed, water filters are the call of the day as they are modern gadgets that have greatly reduced manual labor by doing almost 80% of the job beforehand where all that is left to do is to conduct a home test to determine its authenticity.

If this becomes a regular practice, then be sure that you are in for a purified outcome as the results are there for all to see as water filters are known to provide clean water if they are taken care of properly.

Water Resources

It has been scientifically proven that the earth comprises of nearly 75% of water whereas the remaining 25% are all the other major elements combined but an alarming point of note is that 95% of the water on earth is salt water while only 5% is fresh water.

Fortunately, fresh water falls in the category of renewable resources but groundwater level is depleting all over the world which makes it impossible for water resources to find their footing in such grave matters, which is why installing water filters becomes all the more important.

Brita Water Filter

There are many laboratories that have conducted various testes regarding water filters and have come to the conclusion that small brita pitcher is the best of other models so we will study the pros and cons of this filter for better understanding purposes.

It is one of the most reputed companies around the world with the best pitchers and filters to lookout for.


  • It can remove all the harmful impurities and chemicals from it without harming the minerals
  • Being unique filters, they are still affordable for the common man
  • Depending on the customer’s preference and house, it comes with various sizes and shapes


  • The filtration process takes a lot of time and is relatively shorter compared to modern day purifiers
  • Groundwater that has microbes such as bacteria, it may not prove as fruitful in removing it completely
  • Sometimes, it leads to breakdown of functions in case of repetitive use by house owners which is not the way it should be

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