Top 5 Interesting Games That You Should Keep In Outdoor Party!!!

You will find a lot of people who are organizing the party in the summer vacations. Outdoor parties are always filled with a lot of interesting games and tasty foods as well. Parents should organize outside parties for the kids. They will able to spend exciting energy at the party. It will be surely able to minimize the mess and will increase the fun. Make sure that you are choosing the best place for the parties. Try to opt for some interesting games that will increase the level of entertainment…

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Leave Alec Baldwin Alone

Yet another “news” story that drives me nuts. What is the fascination with Alec Baldwin’s marital and family problems? I am all for knowing a bit about the entertainers that show up on the big small screens, but diving into their problems is not what I consider news or even remotely entertaining. Are we just so enthralled by peeking into these famous peoples’ lives? Do we get a kick out of seeing that yes, even famous people have problems? Maybe deep down (or perhaps not so deep) we want to…

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Neither Shaken Nor Stirred, How Bond’s Brand Stayed True While Changing

King's Island

We’ve been on a James Bond kick recently, and with Skyfall breaking the record for biggest Bond film opening weekend, it’s worth discussing how the brand has evolved. More than once in my relatively brief advertising career, I’ve heard the words “It should be sort of… sort of James Bond-ish.” or “You know Double-O seven s%@*, man.” The iconic character that became a brand has evolved into an adjective. And this is the greater truth. After almost 60 years of being in existence, the James Bond brand is one of…

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