What You Need to Know About Diabetic Diet

Having been recently diagnosed with pre-diabetes, and having yet to see the dietician, I’ve been wondering a lot about what I should be eating and what I should not. See, I had the idea that perhaps if a person is pre-diabetic, perhaps they should start eating like they are already trying to control diabetes.  Of course, anything I read about it just basically says that one should lose weight and that in itself can control or delay the onset of actual diabetes. There are articles that were promoting following a…

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Anaheim Cheap Eats: Dining That Won’t Break Your Wallet

Everyone is trying to stretch their dollars as far as possible these days. Eating home in most cases can be very cost effective, but in reality we’re all busy. Cooking at home isn’t always an option or even the best option. If you live in Orange County, CA you know how expensive restaurants can be, but I know three places in Anaheim offering cheap eats. Not only will your tummy be happy; so will your wallet. My first cheap eats place is Norm’s. It’s a 24 hour diner located at…

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Review: Hamburger Helper Complete Skillet Meal


I’ve always found that when I need something for dinner in a pinch, Hamburger Helper is always a great option. But I’ve always been a bit picky about its varieties, because some require much more work to make than others. The other day, I was in the freezer section and came across the Hamburger Helper Complete Skillet Meals. And, after some thought, I decided to give them a try. When I first decided to buy a package of the complete skillet meal, it was with some reluctance. Like I said…

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How to Know If You’re a Food Addict


Food addiction is unlike a lot of addictions in that the line is gray when it comes to determining if eating is ruling your life. Unlike drinking, acting out sexually, or gambling, you have to eat. And society may not be too sympathetic to your plight when it comes to trying to save your own life by not indulging in your food addiction. If you did a scan, you will find that many sober living in new jersey had a similar story in the past. One of the characteristics of a…

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Top 5 Vegan Burgers

Veggie burgers are popular with those of us who like to eat healthy, but not all veggie burgers are created equally. Many well-known brands contain cheese, egg whites, or other animal products. For people who follow a vegan lifestyle or are trying to cut down on cholesterol, these additives may not be acceptable. Some popular producers of veggie burgers, like Boca, Morningstar Farms, Lightlife, and Yves make vegan versions, but none of them are on my favorites list. Some brands of vegan burgers are dry, tasteless, or taste too much…

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