Cheap and Easy Patio

Bless your heart! Are you going to be okay? Now that you’ve gotten off the phone, after checking on the price to have a patio poured, you must be in pretty bad shape! The funny thing is, it’s not really hard to pour a concrete or cement patio but most people don’t have the tools and knowledge to do it. That’s too bad because concrete or cement is not expensive. Well, you can always put the idea of a patio off for now and get on with saving up the money to have it done. Or, just build yourself a cheap patio that’s actually very easy to make. Don’t worry; you can do it! You won’t need any special tools or extreme knowledge, and there’s no way you can mess it up! Just make a gravel patio and you’ll have that outdoor area you so desire, with little investment in money, time, or effort. Moreover, you get really great designs and round outdoor sectional sofas that you can use as outdoor furniture because of their rigidity and durability to withstand extreme weather conditions. Since you get these patios at a really great price you would not have to go out in search of cheap furniture options.


Gravel comes in different sizes and the size you buy is important. If the gravel is chunky you’ll have a hard time walking on it, and your patio furniture won’t sit level. Pick out white gravel that’s small – like pea gravel – to make your new patio. You can have it delivered from your local gravel business, or you can pick it up in your own truck, and save a lot of money.

Prepare the ground where you’ll be putting the gravel by first drawing out a shape. You can make a huge circle, a rectangle, or most any other shape. Just draw it out with a screwdriver or other implement, so that you can see the shape on the ground. Inside the shape, shovel, hoe, and otherwise remove all of the grass.

If you want to make an edging for the patio, garden edging works great. You can buy the type that looks like rocks, or a type that looks like a really short wall, or another type. Just review if it will be a problem for people to step over; you don’t want anyone tripping to get to the patio. If that’s an issue, forget the edging, and dig a very shallow hole for the shape you want. Once the gravel is in place it should be filled to the top edge of the hole.

Fill the hole – or inside the edging – with the pea gravel, and rake it to even it. After that, you’re ready to set your patio chairs, table, and other outdoor things. The gravel patio is much cheaper than having one poured, you don’t have to wait for the cement to dry, and you can do all of the work yourself.

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