Compelling ideas for spending RV And/or Motorhome Vacations

RV and/or Motorhome Vacations

With the economy today, fewer and fewer Americans are not able to enjoy the versatility and convenience of motorhome travel. They are missing out on seeing our beautiful country and meeting our beautiful people.

There was an increase of motorhome ownership across the country until recently. Just look in the newspaper, on the Internet and the RV lots loaded and over-loaded with motorhomes for sale. WHY? Of course the fuel costs. BUT, if you compare all your costs with traveling by air and compare them to motorhome travel, you’d be amazed at how much cheaper it really is to hit the road vs hitting the sky.

People always want to have more control over their vacations and outings. That was possible before 9/11 but since 9/11 more and more people have lost that control. RV or motorhome travel has become more desirable even with the fuel costs because of the hassles at the airport along with the rising ticket prices, restaurant prices and hotel prices, just to name a few.

Motorhomes not only give you more freedom to decide where you go or when but it brings families closer together at a more reasonable cost. Many families haven’t had the opportunity to really get outdoors and experience this wonderful country of ours. After getting the experience, the motor homes can be sold at sell my motorhome fast at affordable rates. The craze of buying and selling the houses is increasing in the economy. 

I can’t tell you how much more comfortable and luxurious motorhomes have become in the last few years. Some have leather upholstered furniture, furniture that’s not bolted down, real wood cabinets and cupboards, tile floors; they’re state of the art and top of the line many of them with more than one TV, even one outside, microwave/convection ovens, satellite dishes, double door refrigerators, larger bathrooms, just to mention a few improvements. Who wouldn’t love a king size bed, a full shower, lots of storage and slide-outs to make your living area even larger.

They can come with stereos, CD players, DVD players and now even GPS equipment. Let’s not forget better construction, better chasses and better stability.

Along with all these conveniences inside and out, campgrounds have become bigger and better offering many amenities that were never offered before. There are resorts with memberships that allow you very inexpensive nightly rates at reasonable dues………some not so reasonable so do your homework and check around. Today we’re so lucky to have the Internet at our fingertips. Many resorts or campgrounds cater to children as well as adults having pools, fitness centers and game rooms. Many offer potlucks and gatherings with games and entertainment for all ages.

I’ve made it all sound wonderful and glorious but there’s always lots of planning to be done along with learning and doing research on the motorhome of your dreams, you need to learn how to drive them, do you want to tow a vehicle, do you want a class C or a class A? What’s the difference? There’s lots to be learned right here on the Internet. Many websites have forums with tons of information on every subject from what to buy to what you need to bring on your trips. Many will even tell you what mistakes they’ve made and the best places to get repairs.

We have a wonderful world out there to explore and it’s time we get back to this kind of travel.

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