Cordless Drills –Things You Need To Know Before Buying

If you usually deal with woodwork projects or if you are a home improvement enthusiast, you need to have the right tools and equipment. This will allow you to work efficiency and at the same time, you can ensure your protection and safety. As such, one of the commonly used and powerful tools that you will need in most of the projects that you will be doing is a cordless drill. Choosing the right drill for you is very crucial, as it will serve as one of your powerful equipment in all of your projects. However, there are several brands and models of cordless drills that you can find in the market. Thus, looking for the right drill for you can be daunting. To help you out, this article will provide you with the checklist of factors that you must consider when buying cordless drills.


Certainly, you need a drill that has the power to create a hole in every surface that you are working on. Hence, when buying cordless drill, you must always consider is power through its battery voltage. Generally, higher voltage means more torque-spinning strength to overcome resistance. So if you work on heavy projects, it is recommended to use a high-voltage drill. Today, drills with high voltage have the power to create big holes in flooring and framing lumber. So when buying the best cordless drills, always takes into consideration its battery voltage.


Another factor that you must consider when buying a cordless drill is its speed. Generally, expensive drills perform faster than cheap ones. So you must always consider your cordless drill is a good investment for your projects. There are two fixed speeds of a cordless drill: 800 rpm and 300 rpm. Both of these drills are appropriate for most of the light duty operations in the project that you have.


To separate your cordless drill from electric drills, clutch in the first mentioned is usually adjustable. Clutch of a cordless drill is usually located just behind the chunk. This component disengages the drive shaft that makes a clicking sound when a specific level of resistance is achieved.

Batteries and Chargers

Another important thing to check when buying cordless drills is the battery. Usually, Nickel metal hydride batteries are considered as the latest breakthrough in batteries. They are described as smaller and yet run longer than normal NiCad or nickel cadmium.


Above all, quality must be your number one priority when buying cordless drill. Surely, there are several brands and models that you can see in the market. Each model has its own and unique features that other drills may not have. But as a rule of thumb, the bottom-line of your preference would always fall on the quality of your drill. You definitely want your cordless drill to last longer than its expected useful life. So before buying, always check on the materials where the drill was made. And always look for a drill that can be easily maintained.

Buying Basics

For your convenience, check out some drills in hardware stores and home center. You should also try and test the drill first before buying them just to check if they work well and properly. You should also try to drill them both vertically and horizontally to see how they feel when you use them. Lastly and most importantly, always consider and prioritize your protection and safety before buying any types of drills. This should also be your mind set when buying any kinds of tools or equipment in the market.

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