Cosmetic Surgery or “How I Learned to Love Myself Again”

Almost everyone finds some form of imperfection in the structure of their bodies. They may want to be slimmer, have flawless skins, perfect features, fewer wrinkles as they age and so on. Until a few years ago these goals of a better body were only just a dream. But today they can finally make their dreams come true in an easy and affordable way.

Nothing is impossible now, thanks to plastic surgery, gyms and beauty parlors. One can definitely get bodies is good shape by these measures. Gyms reduce weight and make the body supple, put muscles into smooth working condition and make a person active and healthy.

Beauty parlors can change the appearance for a perfect face and smooth skin. For special occasions the skin can be made fairer and smoother, the hair can be silky and shining, the fingers and nails be made cute and more delicate. But plastic surgery can really change the contours in such a way that even a crooked nose can become sharper, a sagging skin become taut and drooping eyelids perk up. Cosmetic surgery used to be quite expensive, had many risks attached, and needed lots of patience and time to heal properly. One also needed experienced surgeons with a good track record and someone to assist after the surgery is done. But now, many cosmetic surgeries are so commonplace, they are often performed in an out-patient setting, requiring no more long hospital stays or lengthy recovery times.

However, extensive research is necessary before elective procedures, as one cannot repeatedly change the body contours of the same place. You should be very sure of what you might want. Plastic surgery is delicate and intricate but one can get what one wants.

There are many ways plastic surgery beautifies the human form, and improves the quality of life for the patient, such as skin grafts for children with cleft palates, insertion of silicone to the lips or breasts of women, muscle forms to give the appearance of rock hard abs for men. The improvements can also be in the form of liposuction where unwanted fat is melted and drained out of the body. By making delicate incisions to minimize scar tissue and using advanced techniques to give body parts a proper shape, there are few limits to what a good surgeon can accomplish.

Some of these treatments are so quick, you could even have them done during a lunch break, and be back to work the same day! Eyebrow or eyelid treatments can be fast. Laser treatment is quick, reliable though expensive. Others take longer time and the recovery period may also be longer. Removing or restructuring warts or burn scars or nonuniform parts like ears, may take longer time for surgery and the medication and dressing too may be longer.

But the main thing is that there are enough treatments in the world today that can change the body contours and make them pleasing and satisfactory.

There are many celebrity cosmetic surgery blogs where many of your favorite stars have shared their experiences of going under the knife just to look extra good.

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