Dating Advice: How To Get That Guy

So you are dating a guy but nothing offical and you are free to date others. You want more, you want him to be yours… offically. Here are five steps to make him yours. The only way they won’t work is if the guy isn’t in to you and just likes girls waiting on him anytime. Which, if that’s the case, you’re better off anyways.

Step One

Start doing other things than seeing him as often as you do. Still hang out with him and talk to him, but back off a little bit. If you guys go out four nights a week, cut it down to one or two. Also, cut some of your phonecalls with him shorter. Noticably shorter or fewer. Don’t totally back off, but just enough to where he’s craving for you and can’t wait to see you next.

This will make him confused and he will come after you to clear his confusion and that is where things will start to change. It is best to take the help of a dating app in such cases as they contain foolproof ways to deal with such situations and make you an expert on dating opportunities.

You want to do this because every guy likes the chase. The harder you are to get to the more he wants you. Guys like the excitement, as long as they know you are into them and they know eventually they will get you. That is why you don’t totally back off. You don’t want to seem an unreachable goal.

Step Two

If you are going to go hang out with a guy or guys make sure they know that. Even if the guy is stictly just a friend, he doesn’t know that. Then that tinge of jealousy will kick in and he knows he will have an opponent. This makes it more of a challenge for them. If they know other guys want you, or at least think they do, they will work harder to get you. Then they think they better to get you before someone else does. Every guy likes to have that “thing” every other guy wants. It makes him feel special.

Guys like a fight. Every movie you watch guys are always fighting over something. Be that thing your guy wants to fight for. Remember though to always show him he has a chance.

Step Three

When you are out with this guy plan fun things like an amusement park even if its something like family fun center. Or go miniature golfing, especially if you suck at it. Do something fun and something where you can goof off and show him how fun you are to be with. Everyone wants to be with someone they can laugh, goof off, and be comfortable around. Laughter brings comfort. Also, he will see how beautiful you are when you laugh and smile. Dinner and a movie isn’t a date where you actually get to know a person.

Step Four

Us girls always think we need to put on alot of make up on to look pretty. We think the guys like the make up, but the truth is they don’t. I can’t tell you how many times guys have told me they’d rather less make-up.

So when you are out with him just put the basics on:

-Foundation but only if you really need it like to cover that zit.

-Wear chapstick instead of lip gloss, most guys don’t like kissing a girl with lip gloss on they always will complain about it.

-Eyeliner if you are like me and only comfortable with it on.

-If you wear eyeshadow make it a natural color like a brown or goldish color.


Step Five

When you are with him make sure you make it obvious you are into him. When you leave him at the end of the night if you kiss him say bye first, kiss him, smile, and leave. When you kiss him make it a kiss he won’t want to end and before you stop bite his lip softly. Then smile and leave. Right when he’s getting into the kiss end it there. If you leave him always wanting you more, you will drive him absolutely crazy, which is what you want. If they are crazy about you they will want you to be theres and theres only.

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