Dead Space 2 – Here Come the Necromorphs!

Pukers, Lurkers, the Pack, and the list goes on . . . all forms of rancid baddies that are watching and waiting to spoil Isaac Clarke’s day. Oh, and by the way, they will scare the crap out of you! This is what makes Dead Space 2 an amazing game, worth playing time and again. The selection of best game boost service should be done through the gamers. The playing of the games will become easy and winning of the game will be there.

Our faithful protagonist, Isaac Clarke, is going on round 2 of trying to stay alive and destroy the mysterious “marker.” This time, however, instead of being trapped on a relatively small spaceship, he is now left to die on a towering sprawl, complete with space stations, unitology churches, and frozen body chambers. Hey . . . there’s no place like home!

As in the first game, Isaac does not enter the fray empty handed. Well, at first he does! But soon, he’ll get his hands on the fan favorite, Plasma Cutter. This simple mining tool packs a hefty punch; one perfect for severing the limbs off stalking necromorphs. The Line Gun and Pulse Rifle also return to help control the situation. Added to this weaponry are a couple new toys: the Javelin and Detonator. The Javelin shoots spears, perfect for slamming aliens into walls, where you can then end them with much prejudice. The Detonator allows you to lay mines wherever you’d like, sit back and watch the brainless wonders explode into oblivion!

Now, depending on the level of difficulty you happen to be playing, this game can be a freaky, but manageable endeavor. However, when you start testing your merit on the higher difficulty levels, you’re in for a heck of a ride. The aliens are faster and more tenacious; while consequently, your ammo is much more scarce. With this in mind, when you stumble across those precious “power nodes,” upgrade your equipment wisely. It may save your life, if you’re lucky.

In making your way through the sprawl, you’re never quite alone. Besides the obvious threats, there is also a military contingent to deal with . . . although, their purpose for wanting Isaac dead isn’t quite made clear. The upside is that unlike the constant feeling of loneliness and dread in the fist game; it’s more like you’re taking part in an action thriller. The game is still plenty creepy, but it’s more “in your face” than the first Dead Space. Another component that adds to the atmosphere is that Isaac is slowly losing his mind. He’s struggling with the ghost of his loved one who died in the first installment. However, instead of being a pleasant spirit; she’s pretty ticked off and nasty. This element adds to the fragility of our main hero. Simply put . . . he’s falling apart. However, not all is bad with our friend, Isaac. He’s more human in this game and has quite the sense of humor, which can help when your knuckles are white from the constant barrage of enemies. There are a couple of “one liners” that will actually make you laugh! Not an easy thing to do in such a horrific setting.

With this in mind, some sequences stand out and leave a lasting impression long after turning off your game system. The railway sequence is memorable for its noise level, and not being quite sure where the bad guys are coming from. Word of caution, however . . . they will come from behind at the least expected moments. From this scenario, you end up falling and hanging upside down, trying to line up kill shots; which is easier said than done. Another is the Unitology Church. This setting is just plain scary. It’s dark, quiet, and filled with candles to give that extra special touch. This is also where you’ll get your first taste of the most difficult enemies to be dealt with . . . the Lurkers. As their name indicates, they hide and wait for you to drop your guard. Then they bum rush you with extreme speed, while screaming, of course. The best way to deal with these guys is to use stasis (to slow them down); and then light them up with your most powerful gun. If not, you’ll be restarting from your last checkpoint.

Finally, and possibly the most difficult level to deal with is in the final chapters. You’ll be chased by the one and only re-spawning necromorph. Since you cannot kill it, it will constantly be threat on your tail. You need to destroy it, stasis it, and then run for your life while dealing with all other forms of aliens.

When all is said and done, the accomplishment will be well worth your anxieties you experience. In fact, you’ll most likely play it again and again. It’s that good. So, while it’s not quite as scary as the first game; Dead Space 2 stands strongly on its own with a lengthy story (10 plus hours) and plenty of fear inducing nightmares along the way. What else could you ask for?

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