Find The Perfect Shoes For Your Next Game

When you are into sports, nothing matters more than the equipment you use in the field, which includes the shoes you wear to the game. You would be jumping, running, and doing all kinds of activities in the game; hence you need the perfect shoes so that you don’t end up with the annoying amount of pain in your feet.

When it comes to choosing athletic shoes, the pool is really humungous. There are so many types with things like freon filled midsoles, cushioning of a varied kind, and so much more that you are bound to get confused. Although it is a simple trick that you need to follow to get those comfortable shoes.

One thing to always do before you buy anything is to make your priority list and see which features and aspects appeal to you more. We have a few tips and pointers for you here but you can always improvise.


  • Know your purpose

Never try to multi-task with your shoes. Casual shoes would be a good choice to do that, but athletic shoes are made based on their purpose. If you try to use basketball shoes for football, it will make no sense. Game shoes have more cushioning and can handle more shock on the feet; hence they are not the same as you walking shoes. Buy ones that are only for the game and not for regular use and vice versa as well.

  • Know your foot size

When you are on the field, having a wrongly sized shoe can turn into a blunder. Loose shoes will constantly annoy you, while tight shoes also won’t let you play easily. Check your foot size and see which brand has which sizes for your feet. Only try brands you know will fit you perfectly so that there is no fumbling while playing.

  • Know what your feet need

Shoes come in various materials for various feet types, and even shapes differ now for the same reason. Most brands now make different shapes of shoes so that they fit all kinds of customers. This is why you should know what shape your feet are, so you can ask for the athletic shoes that fit your feet. Your footprint becomes a really important aspect here and many stores check that before they show you shoes.

  • Know how to try

A lot of people believe that shoes have to be used for a while for them to be comfortable. This is true for most footwear but not for athletic shoes. As soon as you step into them, they should feel comfortable on your feet. You will instantly feel like you are on the field when you have the right shoes. If that is not how you feel when you wear the shoes you are buying; then they are definitely not it.

  • Know the design features

While the spikes and add ons on your shoes might look like simple design features at one point but they actually have a very important role to play. Those groovy features have gel inserts and are great at shock absorption as well. Know what these features indicate so you can ask for them when you go shopping. People who get heel pain would especially be relieved with such add ons as they are great at providing cushioning and reducing the weight you usually experience. One can find many features of a similar nature by looking at the Mindsole review in depth from here

Know the material

Every material used even the smallest part of the shoes you will be wearing for your game day matters a lot. For instance, basketball shoes were made from leather but now they are made from a different material because leather is not as lightweight. While playing, you can’t have that much weight on your feet. This is where the material becomes important as you will have to see which materials are better for playing and which ones give better cushioning. A combination of the two would be the perfect comfortable shoe.

  • Know your style

All game shoes are not the same. Each of them is designed differently and in different styles. Some would be high top, some would be low top and both would serve a different purpose. For instance, low top ones are better for traction, while high top ones are heavy. What you need during the game, is its speed, movement, lightweight design or is it more physical contact to the ground, all of this defines the style of your sneakers. Always know what to ask for, which is when you will get the most comfortable pair of shoes for yourself.

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