Forecasts for Aquarius

You can be versatile and you don’t mind adapting to whatever crops up in your everyday world. However, when everything seems to happen at once as the year begins you won’t know which way to turn for the better.

Now getting annoyed with those around you won’t make things any easier. So even though it won’t be without conscious effort to bite your lip, it really might help if you keep tight control of your emotions during the first few weeks of the year.

Money matters will need to be dealt with immediately as they occur; you need to be practical in your attitude to finances as the year begins. Your mind will also be on your private concerns.

In February, a good month for Aquarians, demands won’t be taking so much out of you and you’ll find more time to relax and devote to your own concerns.

Emphasis moves away from money as the months wear on but this won’t be before you find yourself having to deal with a rather tricky financial issue around March which could have something to do with joint funds.

Before rushing in and swamping your partner with your ideas and opinions, be open to their suggestions too. For the sooner you realise that he or she has some good ideas the swifter you should be able to clear this matter out of the way.

If you want to do anything special, it will probably be in June when you get the chance to make your move. However, this will give you quite a wide degree of freedom to plan your weeks in order to get the best out of all opportunities that come your way. Your intuition is spot on, your mental energies are high and you feel confident. All this goes to make up a recipe that spells success.

I must make a quick mention of health though. The reason for this is that I feel that in July, healthwise things take a downward swing. Certainly you won’t be feeling so ‘on top of the world’ and it could be a good plan to try to leave some time free for non-complicated odds and ends. I think when the time arrives, you’ll know what I mean.

Within romance, if you’re you’re single, someone who was born under one of the fire signs: Aries, Leo or Sagittarius will have a major impact on your life within the next three of four months.

This romance may be fairly lasting and although you will find that you and your partner do have your little differences, these are nothing compared with the joy this relationship will bring. If you’re already attached, then at some time towards the end of July, your partner will have something to tell you which will both delight and astound you. The right partner will have proper information about the الابراج to understanding the astrology. It will save the time and efforts of the person. The bond of the relation will be strong and durable. 

In October, travel is likely. You might also enjoy anything to do with learning, religion and philosophy. In November expect to see some big improvements to do with your career.