Free MMORPG Spotlight – Atlantica Online

In Atlantica Online, you play a character who has just awakened after having a revelation – you are a descendant from Atlantis and you must embark on a journey to find the lost land. Atlantica Online spans the entire ancient world, from Beijing and Hokkaido, to Egypt and Bucharest, and many other places. The game utilizes a strategy, turn-based fighting system in which you control yourself and up to 8 other mercenaries which you recruit along the way. You can use overwatch boosting service to improve your gameplay. It is a really good tool to do so. You can boost your ratings and rankings within the game as well.

Before you go on, I will warn you that this is a fantastic game and I could not restrain myself in writing about it, so the review is pretty long and detailed. For my overall rating, simply scroll all the way down to the article.

User-friendliness: 5/5

What appears at first to be a complex and involved system is made easy to use through the many quests you must do which are meant to introduce you to the interface (and earn you some easy money and experience in the progress). If you are ever in need of help you can ask the world at large or send a “Help Request” which will usually get you a quick reply from a number of people who are either just being helpful or who want to get the reward that you get for doing so.

In addition, if you ever get lost, simply highlight the quest you’re working on, and press the auto-move button… and your character will switch to auto-pilot and take you directly there.

Graphics: 5/5

This game uses many beautiful and detailed environments and characters. Every time you talk to an NPC a beautifully drawn picture of them is displayed.

Originality: 6/5

Yes, that much.

I have to say, the entire game has me so impressed! There are so many things that make Atlantica Online an incredible MMORPG. I’ll try to restrain myself to naming just a few.

The first great feature is the battle system. It requires a bit more strategizing and thinking than your average MMO. You control a group of mercenaries, of different classes. The experience received by each corresponds to the amount of hits and kills they get during the battle. The characters are arranged in a 3 by 3 grid, with the back rows (archers, gunners, etc) protected by the front row (swordsmen, spearmen, etc). Which mercenaries you recruit is entirely up to you. There are many to choose from. At certain levels, you can upgrade your mercenaries to higher classes, or recruit new kinds such as monks or vikings.

Another unique feature is the drops and upgrades system. Monsters don’t drop equipment – they drop boxes. Depending on the type, each box has a chance of giving you certain items – some contain weapons, some materials, and yet others give you upgrade stones. To upgrade your equipment you need two of the same weapon, and a certain amount of these upgrade stones. (For example, to get a level 3 sword, you need two level 2 swords, and 3 stones).

Something else you’ll notice as you play is that people will give you gifts very often. In my first two hours of playing, I received at least 4 gifts. Some people will give you money, while others give you high level equipment. I did a little snooping around and found out that people over level 30 have a few quests that require them to give a gift to a newbie (level 1 – 29). The gift must be worth over 10,000 (I believe), and is sent to someone at random. Also, for every gift people give, they receive experience based on how much their gift was worth (which explains why so many people sent me 100,000). I’ve never seen a system like this. Everybody wins – the higher level players can help a newb and get something for it, and the lower level players feel welcome and special into what appears to be a very giving community. Also, since each gift requires a response from the receiver, some of these are a way to start a conversation with someone who might become a friend or a mentor.

Yet another original feature (and this is the last one I’ll mention, I promise!) is the market. NPCs will buy almost everything from you only 10 gold pieces (yes, that includes the level 70 weapon someone just sent you). The only way to make money from the things you find is to sell them at the market to other people. Many items have a fixed price (to prevent over-pricing), and before you put anything up, you can first check the rates that the item is selling for, and price yours accordingly. Once someone buys your item, you receive a notification, and the money is deposited into your bank account. You can access the market and bank account from any city.

There are so many more unique features to this game! Guilds can take over and control different cities, there stamina to take into consideration, there is an intriguing pvp battle system, you can recruit wandering mercenaries by bribing them with gifts and flattery… and so so much more!

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