Free Stuff: Home Improvements

Be creative and get ready to do some research. You can get your home improvements done for free, or for very little money. How about having a stone pathway done by professionals just for the cost of the stone? Need your house painted? There are professional that are willing to do that for free, just supply the paint. Something added to your home like a sun room or a gazebo? Learn how to get these built for you while paying much less than others do. There are many resources out there and you just need to know where to look for them.

Stone work, such as a walk way or patio is very expensive. It is not something you can learn quickly to do on your own. If you want a professional looking masonry job, then you find a mason. Who can afford that you say? How about getting a team of masons over to your house to build you a wall, stairs, or anything else you might want for free? Depending on where you live, if you have a masonry school in your area it only takes a call to ask them to put you on their list of work places. The school in my area is two towns over, but they come out to this town.

Technical schools are trade schools. There is one type that is in almost city. This is the high school level trade school. They have teachers that are masters in their trade and they direct and oversee the work done by the students. Students can not learn unless they get on the job training and that’s where you, the public fit in. The schools will schedule work for their students from the phone calls they receive from homeowners and business owners in the area.

The step up from the high school level technical school, is the adult trade or tech school. These are not found in the same abundance as the high school level ones. They are the equivalent to a college for learning the different trades. These schools offered more involved work such as home building. If one of these are near you, you are lucky. They are a great resource for free or minimal payment jobs done at your home.

The schools of beauty or hairdressing, open their doors for students to cut the publics hair for a minimal fee so they get some practice. The same concept is going on at these technical schools. You cannot bring your house to them so they have to come to you. They welcome the on the job experience.

It is an interesting learning experience for budding beauticians who seriously want to take up this job and if the fee is minimal the practice will provide an excellent experience as they go by the policy of follow this tutorial.

These schools are training painters, carpenters, masons, roofers, heating, plumbing , electrical, and the list goes on. The instructors are licensed in their field and the students work under them. Many do the work for no charge, just the cost of the material. If their is a cost and how much that will be, it is determined by each individual school.

I worked at a small medical professional building where the local technical school students came ,in with their instructor and they put all new recessed lighting down the hall ways. The cost was just for the materials used. the job was inspected by the city;s electrical inspector and it passed with flying colors. They won’t cut corners, these are teachers instructing our electricians, builders, plumbers, etc.. of tomorrow.

These schools also have automotive departments where they do everything from oil changes to putting a new motor in a car. I had a car that when the motor blew, or local tech school put a new one in. FREE! I had to buy the motor from a local junk yard, but my car is still running after 4 years and the motor was only $25. They do auto body work too. It is a great resource for your automotive needs.

There are only a few draw backs to using a technical / trade school for your home improvement needs. One of them being that they are closed in the summer months so you need to utilize them during the school year. Calling and scheduling a job with them in September is almost a guarantee they will give you an appointment. The second one being that when you sign up with them to do a job for you, it can take a while for them to start the job. I am not the only one that knows about this resource, so they fill their time up quickly. These are minor inconveniences when you consider how much money you will save.

If you get to know where your area technical schools are located and the services that they offer, a whole new world has opened up to you in the line of home improvements and automotive repairs all done FREE, or at best , CHEAP!

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