Getting Your Crush’s Heart Out Over A Text Message

So, you have a crush on this guy, and you wonder how you get his attention without over acting. Sure, you can get his attention with some weird acts or stalking him whenever he goes. This way, not only you’ll get his attention for sure, but in the process, it might probably do harm than good. One safe way is to send a text message to him directly. Who knows, a single message could launch a thousand dates for you two. There are many possible ways on how to make it work but keep in mind of these reminders, so you don’t want to get overboard as well.

If you want things to happen, don’t wait for him to message you. It’ll probably not going to happen at some point or he’s just also waiting for you to send him a message. If you really like him, a one message starter could go long. And if you’re ready, instead of sending an opener such as ‘Hi’ or ‘Hey!’, why not try to be creative. You can send him message that will sure get his attention such as ‘I saw you trip yourself when you’re tying your shoes’ or something like that. It’s funny and catchy and he’ll probably embarrass as some point. It’ll create a laughing moment for you two. When sending a message, you also want to consider adding up some emotions.

How do you that you ask. Use emojis. Naturally, text messages when you read it are dull and no sense of emotion at all. Add some spice, use a lot of winks and smileys to portray that you are happy in those messages. One thin to add is do not use shortcut messages or instead of saying ‘see you later’, you said ‘ c u l8tr’. You get the point? No? Because it is hard to understand and you the guy reading it on the other end for sure will get confused. Not only it is hard to read, but you don’t want to get an impression you don’t know the spellings of its truest words.

Also, when he replies, don’t get to excited. Wait for at least 5 minutes before you send your own reply. If you reply within seconds from the moment, he texts you back, it’ll create impression you aren’t busy or nothing to better to do than sending him text messages. Also, do not message him piece by piece. You don’t want to flood his inbox with your one liner messages because the other half of it will be sent on a different message. Make you message in one sending and try to be concise but not too overflow with messages as well.

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