Give Up Addictive Food And Lose Weight Efficiently Today

Do you want to reduce Stubborn Fat on Your Arms but is having a hard time doing so? Or, do you want to get rid of unwanted fats on your legs, along with fats on other body parts.

If you have ever struggled to lose weight, you might be familiar with the powerful hold different foods can have over you. Specifically, certain foods might make you more likely to want to overeat whereas other foods will prevent the impulse to indulge against your will.

One of the most addicting foods out there is wheat. Wheat, unfortunately, makes up a high percentage of many of our diets. Why is wheat so addicting? Wheat contains addicting opioids. This means that when you eat a wheat product, you get an immediate feeling of pleasure and relaxation. However, soon after you consume it, your body will crave that same feeling once more and you will reach, often against your desires, for more wheat laden foods. Try removing wheat from your diet, and see if your “addiction” to eating begins to go away. I bet you will feel a lot better!



Another addicting food for many, many people is peanut butter. Now, peanut butter can be a perfectly healthy food in small doses. However, you find yourself eating out of the jar on a somewhat regular bases, you probably are submitting to hard-to-control impulses to eat, eat, eat peanut butter until you can’t eat anymore. Peanut butter may not be addicting in the way that wheat is, but it is surely hard to resist for many people struggling with excess pounds. Try banning peanut butter from your house for a while. If you want to indulge in some, have a controlled portion at a friends house or other away-from-home eatery.

Yet another addicting food is dairy. Similar to wheat, dairy contains opioids that can lead to a feeling of being addicted. Ever notice that the more milk, cream, cheese, and yogurt you consume, the more you want? Like peanut butter, you don’t have to give up dairy, just limit it to occasional, controlled situations such as dining out at a fine restaurant. This way you can enjoy quality dairy in a controlled amount. If its not available for you to go back for seconds, you won’t be able to!



A final addicting food is refined sugar. Refined sugar plays havoc on your blood sugar. When you eat refined sugar, you get a rush of sugar in your body that gives you a mild “high” feeling. Then, you crash, and your body is left yearning for more of that addicting, sweet substance. Continue to allow yourself to experience these highs and lows, and you will be on the sure path to weight gain and other serious health complications.

Weight loss is about finding foods that work for a healthy life style. It means identifying triggers that lead you to overeat and feel bad and then taking steps to eliminate or reduce those triggers. With this knowledge, hopefully you can identify the foods to which you are “addicted” and take appropriate action.

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