Great Ways To Earn Cornucopias In AFK Arena

Every game you play there is an in-game currency which allows you to unlock different levels of the game or get access to several unlockables. These in-game currencies or coins are available to the players as they progress through the game and when they win various live events on a regular basis. Or the players can use promo code in order to earn more currency. In-game currencies have significant impact on overall game play and the features of the game.

Similarly, if you are playing the AFK Arena RPG action game, then you know how important the in-game currency Cornucopias are. Yes! The game has it’s own set of coins which needs to be collected in order to get upgrade heroes, unlock missions, level up characters and do a lot of other things. So, today we are going to discuss about how players in AFK Arena can earn cornucopias in the game and compete in a more efficient and exciting manner overtime.

How to earn cornucopias in AFK Arena?

Cornucopias, as we have already mentioned, are the in-game currencies which are required to progress the game. Here are some things you need to keep in mind if you want to earn cornucopias in the AFK Arena game. You can earn and acquire Cornucopias from different Praetorian stages which can be found in the Labyrinth and Daily Quest segments and chests. You can gift your friends with cornucopias and in return you will receive Dragonberries. These can be immediately exchanged for more rewards and you can also earn a lot of cornucopias by this way. Along with that you will get the “Nature’s Blessings” in the game as well.

Another way to earn cornucopias in the AFK Arena game is by opening the final quest chest and when you defeat all the Labyrinth stage with red flags. Now you can use these cornucopias to exchange for “Dragonberries” or just use them for the different upgrades you want to. The maximum amount of cornucopias you can earn for free is somewhere between 315 – 440. On an average the numbers are 375 cornucopias.

Earning upto 300 cornucopias won’t be a very difficult task to accomplish. And that is enough cornucopias that will help you get one Elite Hero of your choice very easily. But you need to complete the daily quests regularly and also do 4 full runs in the Labyrinth without miss.

So, these are the different ways in which you will be able to earn cornucopias in the AFK Arena game and use them in the game. Make sure to read through our blog in details and follow the instructions which we mentioned.

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