Guide On How To Become A State Farm Insurance Agency Owner

Being a State Farm Insurance Agency owner definitely provides you financial growth and security while being able to help your community. This, in turn, aims to build your career and life goals while providing social impact. In essence, you become a leader and frontrunner in your community while you grow your business.

State Farm is a reputable household name in the insurance arena since 1922. The company initially offered insurance products such as homeowner’s and automobile insurance and then expanded with banking and investment insurance products.

The insurance agents under State Farm are considered to be independent contractors because even though they operate primarily under the State Farm brand name, the offices are individually owned. In order to become a State Farm Insurance Agency owner, an agent must undergo a comprehensive training program as required by State Farm.

Why Become a State Farm Insurance Agency Owner?

State Farm is considered to be the leader in insurance and has a bankable name in the industry. This means it’s a name that the community trusts. State Farm Insurance agents or specialty insurance agency office owners enjoy these perks and benefits:

  • Running your own business under State Farm which provides you the edge against competition.

  • Opportunity to form and lead your own team of insurance agents.

  • Take advantage of extensive and advanced advertising and marketing support

  • Travel incentives!

  • Ability to market different insurance and banking products as well as other premium financial services

  • Gain more leverage and expertise with paid training programs

  • Awesome reward and incentive programs!

  • Signing rewards and bonuses!

Steps To Become A State Farm Insurance Agency Owner

State Farm is a company like no other because it provides every agency owner equal opportunity for growth and success. Here is exactly how you go about with the process of being your own boss under State Farm:

Get in Touch with a State Farm Recruiter

Connect with a State Farm recuriter and express your interest in becoming an insurance agent or office owner. The recruiter would then provide you a questionnaire to fill out which assess your overall qualifications and eligibilities to become one of the company agents or independent contracts.

Attend the “Career Understanding” Seminar

You will be asked to attend a “Career Understanding” seminar which will provide you a detailed outlay or guide on how you can go about with opening your own State Farm business.

Draft and Present a Business Proposal for Approval

Prepare a business proposal subject to the decision of an executive approval body. Discuss the highlights of your business proposal which would include important details on opening an office such as location, funding sources for salaries, property rental, office equipment and also for marketing and advertising initiatives. It is important to be very detailed with your proposal to increase your chances of approval as candidate for agency owner.

Locate an Agency Job Opening

You can check out agency openings under State Farm. The job opening list is regularly updated by the company.

Undergo a Paid Internship Program

All candidates for independent office owners must go through a paid internship program for a period of six to nine months. This is where you operational licenses and also learn the day-to-day operations of owning a State Farm insurance agency.

Open Your Very Own State Farm Insurance Office

You are now approved and licensed as an independent agency under State Farm. At this point, it is very crucial to find the best location for your office. Hire your staff and purchase the necessary office equipment and other advertising and marketing materials.

Owning your very own agency under State Farm allows you to build your own empire while having extensive company support to help establish your name in the community.

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