Guide To Survive In The Wilderness

Surviving in wild is not an easy task and if you can’t take an experienced survivalist with you, you can take the next best thing- his survival gear. Here is a list of 10 most important thing that you need in order to survive in the wild.

  • Survival knife

A survival knife can be a life saver in emergencies. There is a number of things you can recreate with the help of a knife as well. When it comes to survival you should consider yourself getting a fixed knife as they are more durable and resilient than folding knifes. As they don’t have any mechanical part it is really easier to use them. You can even use them to cut down big chunks of trees and other large objects.

  • Personal water filter

Given that 70{72bfd9cbd9abbf4da0ec979aefd53e69556132357608965afc078d1b54febdb4} of our body is made up of water, it is really important that we stay hydrated in the wilderness. As most of the water sources that you get in the wilderness would have contaminated water you might need to filter that out. This is where these water filters helps you out. You can filter water with their help without boiling the water and save yourself some energy as well.

  • Raincoat

Staying dry might make a huge difference when it comes to survival as you are required to protect your core body temperature. This is where these light-weight and durable raincoat are going to help you. You can even use them as roof for your shelter as well.

  • Sunscreen

The heat from sun can severely damage your skin and you should apply a healthy coating of sunscreen on your body when you go out in the sun. This way you can make sure that you don’t get any sunburn or skin rash, which is going to hurt a lot in the wild.

  • Cordage

Rope or cordage is really important when you are in survival situations. The best cord out there is para-cord 550 which is used in parachutes. It is one of the strongest cords that you can get. Besides, it is really light and doesn’t take any space at all. You can even wear the cord as a bracelet. It can be used to create shelters and can be used to carry food around as well.

  • Signaling device

A signaling device is really important when you get lost in wild. There are several signaling devices that are out there. You can use these signal when you get lost in the wilderness in order to help the rescue team to locate you. A good signaling device can be seen from miles and would an essential tool in your survival kit.

  • Shelter building equipment

You can build yourself a shelter from simple things such as tarp or large garbage bags. As it is really important that you stay warm and safe during night time. A simple way to build as shelter is to use tree branches which is really effective and quicker that building a complete shelter from scratch.

  • First-aid kit

It’s really important that you carry a good first-aid kit with all the basic and necessary medical stuff. Injuries such as minor to moderate cuts can be healed faster with the help a good first-aid. However, an open wound could attract pathogenic agents which can cause infections. This scenario can really complex over time which is not a good thing in wild.

  • Spare clothing

It is really important that you carry extra clothing with you. This is a great way to keep yourself dry and warm all the times. You can conserve your energy as you keep yourself dry and warm all the times. Wet socks and shoes leads to fungal infection which is not ideal in these situation this is why you should always carry spare cloths with you. You should also get yourself synthetic cloth which are more durable and suitable in these conditions.

  • Camping pack

A good camping pack is what you need to carry all your stuff safely. You should consider getting yourself a bag pack with more pockets and strong and durable straps.

You can even check out for detailed information about these gears and get yourself the best of these tools as well.