Hotel de Paris Monte Carlo Review

The Hotel de Paris in Monte Carlo is breathtaking. Located on the world famous Place du Casino, this 257-room luxurious hotel is a must visit even if you can’t afford it. At least take a stroll through the hotel. Situated right along the beautiful French Riviera coast, the Hotel de Paris is host to celebrities and dignitaries who appreciate the high end spa treatment, the private designer pool and direct access to the beach.

Hotel de Paris Monte Carlo Review 1

Wows and Woes

This hotel was once a palace, and you will be treated as royalty if you are fortunate enough to stay here. However, it costs a lot of money to be regal, and the Hotel de Paris is one of the most expensive places in Monaco.

Hotel de Paris Monte Carlo Review 1

Insider Tips

The hotel currently has a classic two-night package that offers two nights and breakfast at the hotel for 690 Euros through January of 2010. New packages come along yearly so check the hotel’s Website before booking for the best deals.

Bottom Line

You will feel transported in time to a place where kings and queens lounged lazily in the sunshine while sipping sherry.

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