How To Build An Outdoor Reflector Oven

If you purchased one of everything they sell at a camping store you’d have to have a boat or trailer to carry it all to your camp site! Sure, some things you’ll have to purchase – they’re necessities – but other things are just meant to take your money! You purchase these things, thinking you absolutely have to have them, then you see that it’s a serious chore to drag them all along with you. One such thing is a reflector oven. Yes, they sell them at camping, hiking and fishing stores but why waste your money? It’s so easy to build one, and so cheap, that you can literally build dozens and dozens of them for the price you pay for one of the store-bought reflector ovens.

When you’re camping out, it’s easy to cook things that you fry in a skillet or boil in a saucepan. However, if you have a taste for biscuits, pie, casseroles and other such dishes it’s nearly impossible to cook them all the way through or brown the tops. With a reflector oven you can bake in a similar way as when you use an oven.

Dragging a reflector oven along with you is too much trouble! Build one by starting with a couple of forked sticks. The sticks should be approximate in size. Push the sticks in the ground so that they are opposite each other and space them about two or three feet apart.

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Find a third stick and lay it across the top of the two forked sticks. Now take aluminum foil and use it to finish the oven. Start by wrapping the horizontal stick a couple of times with the foil. This is done to secure the foil. Don’t tear the foil at this point. Instead, pull it straight down and back until you reach the ground. Tear the foil off and lay weights, like sticks or stones, on the edge of the foil to hold it to the ground. Make sure the foil is at a good angle from the horizontal stick to the ground.

Tear a piece of foil for each side. Just wrap the foil around one of the vertical sticks, and over to the back foil piece. Do the same to the other side so that you form two side panels of foil. Fold the side panel foil pieces over the edges of the back foil piece.

Stack rocks in the dirt, along the two side panels, on the inside of the oven, down at the bottom. Lay your rack on these rocks and build your fire underneath the rack. Now you can bake the things you love and, best of all, you don’t have to carry that bulky reflector oven back home with you!

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