How to Buy Cheap Tires and Wheels

What could be better than going to a tire shop, picking up a set of top-of-the-line tires and flashing out your credit card. Sadly that is inadvisable and a thing of the past. Nowadays you’re advised to research the market online before entering a tire shop. Check out all the reviews, professional and otherwise, from experts and users, before making a decision. Become and informed buyer.
What is it we want, apart from the best buy and a good return for our hard-earned money? We don’t grudge paying more if it’s worth it. Check out tread wear, comfort of ride, the effect on the car detailing parramatta, and of course the all-important actual users experiences before you buy.

Let’s analyze tread wear warranties. What if the tire does not live upto its promised rating. Do we get a free replacement? Sadly the answer is no. Let’s see how the system works: If a tire is rated to last 50000 miles but wears out at 40000. Then according to the fine print of the warranty you are entitled to 20% rebate on a new purchase. Why? Because you have already availed of 80% and been deprived of the balance 20% of the promised life of the tire. So if a replacement is going to cost you $100.00 then you get $20.00 off and pay only $80.00. Got it? But for the labor you’re still charged. And what if your car has an ABS system which needs all four tires of the same circumference. Now if you change only one, the other three are smaller in diameter. So what’s the answer? Change the lot. You can work out the math and see what that’s going to cost you now.

What about reviews? Obviously the more expensive brands will get rave reviews. But many a time one comes across reviews for a particular brand of cheap tire with excellent reviews. Don’t rule out a tire only because it is cheap. Check it out. I’d consider a cheap tire with good reviews a worthwhile buy and go for it. Why not if you’re going to save a few bucks?

My recommendation is to go with what will save you the most, provided you are satisfied that the tires you select will meet your exacting needs. So do your homework, go online and check the whole range. Don’t shrug off the thought of cheap tires. You might surprise yourself of the bargains that you could pick up and the money you save. And these days you do get some really cheap tires if you shop online.

Now why not save on wheels and rims? Check out a few questions. Will I be driving in states near the ocean where the rims are likely to corrode because of salt? First step – take out corrosion warranty. Or what if you live up north when you have to change your rims in summer and winter? Many of us have to change our rims to fit on snow tires.

When looking at rims, decide how long you intend keeping the car? Most rims these days are custom made to select a particular brand and model. This means, if you change and opt for something else, your existing rims will be unsuitable. Check this out first before you decide to change your rims. Finally, how much are you prepared to spend on replacing your rims? There is a wide range in prices. Spinners on a steel wheel budget? No chance. I advise you to shop online for discount rims. There are heaps of deals available on the internet if you look for them.

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