How to Buy Right Pair of Shoes

Shoe shopping can be overwhelming with all the options and available avenues where to purchase them. Here are a few simple guidelines to follow:

Bargain Bins

Many stores have clearance bins in the back or side of their stores. Shop there. You can often find the best deals if it’s slightly older or you wear an unusual size. Also, sports equipment like soccer shoes or cleats is often available since they’re not as commonly sought after.

Try to buy from a legitimate store.

Shoe stores, sports equipment or department stores are a good place to buy shoes. They will carry an abundance of the product and will most likely have a knowledgeable sales associate. I wouldn’t trust a dollar store, convenience store, and even some discount shoe dealers no matter how inexpensive the product is. If it’s not returnable or exchangeable, don’t buy it there.

Look for a comfortable pair

It is really important that you pay attention to the comfort of the shoes that you buy along with shoe insoles that plays a vital role in that. You can add these shoe soles according to your needs making them really important when it comes to buying shoes. 

Shop Offseason

Buy something you don’t necessarily need right away. Buying sandals in the middle of winter or winter boots in July may seem impractical but it also makes sense. Basically, the store is trying to move the merchandise at a severely discounted rate. Does it really matter if it’s last season’s model? If you don’t like it because it’s 6 months old maybe it’s not worth owning as the item is only seasonal.

Don’t Limit your Brands

Bottom line: diversify. Sure, you may have some brands you prefer but be willing to buy some secondary brands you like. If you fixate on just one brand, model or color scheme you run the risk of loosing leverage. Plus, if it is sold out, you’re out of options. Be open-minded to trying new brands or models you may not normally wear-many times it’s just as good or viable an item.

Don’t Be Afraid to Go Online

Online stores offer many of the best deals. The only problem is you don’t get to see/touch an item or try them on. Solution: Buy from free shipping and return site in order to sample at home first. Then decide where to buy it. If the online deal is best, keep the item. If not, you have the option to return it. Just remember the model number shoe size in order to price compare against the stores.

Try on First

This is rather obvious, important, and often done incorrectly. When trying on different manufacturers’ products, remember they often run bigger or smaller depending on the company and where it is assembled. Try to memorize not only the exact model number but the European size as well. This will allow you to compare newer models that fit differently and adjust your size accordingly.

Follow these simple guidelines and you too can be walking away with some brand new kicks and extra money in your pocket to boot.