How to Configure You Router for P2P Networking

P2P or peer-to-peer network programs provide easy file sharing among people who share common interests. Certain ports need to be opened so that the P2P networking program can work in the best way. In some cases, the software is used to open ports on the host computer. However, if there is a router involved in between the then a manual opening of the router is required. An end-user may do this job but if the network is large then it needs to be done by a network administrator. Follow the below-mentioned steps to configure the P2P routers:

Note down the default username, password, and IP address of the router. You can found this info on the owner’s manual.

IP addresses are numeric characters. Click Go after typing in the IP address in your default browser’s address bar.

Now you will see the configuration interface of the router. Look for tab mentioned “Port Forwarding”. At different locations, the router settings are placed. You need to take help from the arris bgw210-700 manual in order to find where your setting is placed.

You will see a field named “IP address”. Insert your PC’s IP address with P2P software. In Windows-based machines, the IP address is placed under the Support tab, which is present under the Local Area Connection dialog box. To access this setting, click on “Start” and then “Settings” and “Control Panel”. Now click on “Network Connections”. Right-click on the icon named “Network Connections” and then select “Status”. In the “Support” tab, you will find the IP address

In order to find out which ports need to be open, you should refer to the P2P software. The port number can be inserted in the “Port” tab.

The port also uses a networking protocol. You should find this info in the P2P software so that a suitable networking protocol can be selected.

That is all you need to complete the configuration. Now, save the changes made. A reboot of the system may be required.

After configuring your P2P network, you need to take the necessary steps in order to avoid any kind of virus attack, which may corrupt your system. For this purpose, you should download or buy the latest and the most advanced anti-virus software. You should set up a firewall so that data can be protected.­­

You should follow the instructions given in the user manual of the router very carefully. This is due to the reason that a P2P network should be configured properly. If this is not done then your system becomes more vulnerable to attacks from hackers and viruses.

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