How to Decorate a Traditional Style Bedroom

When decorating one’s bedroom, choices need to be made. A bedroom often is used for more than just sleeping. Today a bedroom is used for a variety of other reasons. Some may use the bedroom as a study, or a sewing room. More and more people are working from home. Bedrooms are becoming multi-functional. If you are considering decorating your bedroom traditional style, this article will show you some tips and tricks for doing so.

Traditional bedrooms are often cozy and comfortable. They feature a mixture of patterns on the walls, beds, and windows. Traditional bedrooms are often rich in detail and lavished in fabrics. Long draperies often flow to the floor. The beds are dressed in layers. Furniture for a traditional bedroom is often of rich woods. Cherry and Mahogany are often the choice for the furniture. For more furniture combinations there is woodworking that is going to help you. You can visit this website for an all around help with the construction of your new bedroom.

Traditional bedrooms are often a place that one can express their personal taste. Possibly you have favorite antiques, photographs, family heirlooms, or personal collections of memorabilia. Displaying these in a traditional bedroom is a perfect choice.

So the next question is what exactly does go in a traditional bedroom. There are a few key elements of transforming any bedroom into one that is traditional. Five basic things can make a huge change. Of course the colors and patterns are of your choice.

The first element is furniture of dark wood. This furniture should have intricate detail. Brass lamps are a wonderful accent on the dark wood. The second element is the window dressing. Bishop style curtains are used in traditional bedrooms. The fabric should generously puddle on the floor. The curtains are held back with tiebacks. A valance is used at the top of the window. The third element is the uses of ruffles. Pillow shams, bed skirts, and bedspreads are the perfect place to use ruffles. The fourth element if one can is to have a four-poster bed. Nothing says traditional like a four-poster bed with ruffled accent pillows and the like. The last element is a fabric border along the top of the walls, next to the ceiling. Try a floral pattern and carry it throughout the room.

Now that we have the elements down, this leaves the question what accessories are used in a traditional bedroom? Picture frames are a wonderful accessory in a traditional style bedroom. Picture frames allows for you to display you favorite heirlooms. A writing desk will lend your traditional style bedroom a homey, old fashioned look. To hold all your desk supplies use small boxes on your writing desk. The waste basket should be covered with traditional style fabric. The will help in coordinating the room décor. If you have a high traditional bed, then bedside steps should stand next to it. The bedside steps should be made out of mahogany or cherry wood. Once often used to store men’s collar band, band boxes are used today to decorate, and for practical purposes as well. Band boxes come in a variety of sizes and patterns. Use these throughout the room for your storage needs. Last but not least, are porcelain flowers’. Place them in front of picture frames to embellish them. You can find the directions to make your own porcelain look-a-like flowers’ from my article here.

I hope that this article has given you some insight on what a traditional style bedroom is.

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