How To Switch Accounts On Your PS4

Don’t worry if you opened your PS4 and all your previous games were missing. It’s probably just that someone logged into your game device and forgot to log out.

In order to get back your data, you just need to switch back to your account.

1. Make Sure That You Are Not Logged In

Before you start trying to figure out how to log back into your account, you need to make sure whose account is actually using your PS4.

You have to press the PS4 button of your controller to open the content area of the PS4’s active user home screen.

2. Switch User

If no user is logged in, you can press left or right to select a user that you want to log into.

If somebody else has logged into your account, you need to press up in the directional pad. This will move the cursor to the active user’s function area. When you get there, you can tap the right directional pad until it points to the Power option.

And then tap down the directional path until you select Switch User. The next thing you need to do is select your name among the users listed.

In order to find the users who have logged into the PS4, you need to press X from the controller.

3. Log In To Your Account

Again, you can use the directional pads to highlight your username. Once you selected your username, press the X button. This will bring back the controls to the user that had just been highlighted.

If there is a passcode associated with your account, you might need to re-enter this code in order to get back into your game.

You can log in a maximum of four active users at a time on your PS4. If you want to remove a particular user from the active list, you just have to re-do this process again but instead of logging into a different account, you would have to choose Log Out.

Managing Multiple Accounts On PS4

When it comes to PS4s, we have a lot that is available for sale here. Some of our customers report having trouble with managing different accounts. So this is where we answer that issue for every PS4 gamer out there.

The moment you open your PS4 for the first time,  you will be asked to either create a new account or a guest account.

We highly suggest you go for creating a new account. The only time you should be creating a guess account is when you are expecting a friend to come over for a few games which you don’t plan to save.

Otherwise, if you want to be able to get back to your data, then you really need to save your account.

Just remember that when you create your account, you also need to create a PSN account. Doing this enables you to access all the features of the PS4.

You can create an account and then skip the part about PSN which will enable you to create an offline account that is sync with your console. The only downside to this is that you won’t enjoy all the features your PS4 has to offer.

When playing PS4, it is possible to have multiple accounts. A lot of gamers do it. The multiple account feature of PS4 is helpful for people who let friends or relatives play with their game device. Through this feature, no one has to lose their data and you or your friends can log back into an account whenever you need to.

Just don’t get startled when you open your PS4 and find that your data are missing. It could just be that someone has used your gaming device before you. Follow the steps discussed in this article to be able to get back in and out of different accounts.



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