How to Trade and Gift Fortnite Skins with Other Players

Do you have an extra Fortnite skin or two that you don’t need? Perhaps, you want to get a rare OG Fortnite skin that you’ve been eyeing. If so, then trading and gifting skins in Fortnite is the perfect solution. Here’s how to trade and gift fortnite og skins with other players:

What you’ll need to trade and gift

Before we get into the details of trading and gifting, here are some requirements that both parties need in order to complete a successful transaction:

1. Both players must be above level 20

2. Both players must have 2-factor authentication enabled on their Epic account.

3. Both players must own at least one item from the same set/rarity class (i.e. Uncommon, Rare, Epic) for trading purposes.

4. The recipient must have an open slot in their inventory for gifting purposes.

 How to trade and gift skins in Fortnite

Let’s take a look at how to start trading and gifting skins with other players in Fortnite:

1: Initiating a Trade or Gift

The first step is to initiate a trade or gift request with another player. To do this, simply open your friends list from the main menu screen and select the friend you wish to trade or gift with. Once they accept your request, they will be taken directly to your lobby, where you can initiate a trade or gift session by clicking the ‘Trade’ button at the bottom right of your screen.

2: Setting up your trade/gift session

Once both parties have accepted the invitation, each player will be asked to select which items they wish to offer as part of their side of the transaction. This can include any combination of V-Bucks (in-game currency), emotes, wraps (customisation items), gliders, contrails, pickaxes, back blings, etc., depending on what is currently available in your inventory. Once everyone has selected their desired items/V-bucks from their respective inventories, it’s time for everyone to finalise the trade/gift session by clicking the ‘Confirm’ button located in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen!

3: Completing transactions after confirmation & receiving items       

Once all parties have confirmed their selections in the lobby screen, it’s time for both sides to receive what was promised! Each party will be given the opportunity to check all the items being traded before completing the transaction, and if everything looks correct, simply click ‘Accept’ to complete that particular exchange! Immediately after confirming these transactions, both parties should receive whatever was promised as part of this agreement; be it V-Bucks, cosmetics or something else entirely!

4: Common Trading Pitfalls & Tips    

Here are some common mistakes made when trading online between two people, along with tips on how to avoid them altogether:

– Double-check each item you’re swapping before you finalise any transactions – make sure there are no discrepancies between what you’ve offered and what you’ve received!

– When trading cosmetic items such as clothes/outfits, always check that the rarity classes match – uncommon items cannot be traded for rare ones!

– Do not give out any personal information when participating in these activities – only provide the information necessary to complete the trade, such as your username, game ID, etc.

– Avoid taking part in any suspicious activity – if there’s anything wrong with someone’s offer, back away immediately!

5: Finding other people to trade with      

If you’re looking for more people to trade with, here are some ways to find potential partners:

– Use social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, etc.

– Join specific gaming forums dedicated to discussing Fortnite-related topics.

– Ask friends, family members, colleagues, etc. if they know anyone who might be interested in trading!

– Use sites like PlayerAuctions, eBay, Craigslist, etc. that specialise in video game related trades/exchanges!

6: Enjoy your new skin!  

Finally, once all the trades/exchanges have been completed, make sure that each person involved receives the item(s) they were promised during the negotiations; now it’s time to enjoy those shiny new cosmetics/V-bucks in whatever way feels best within the game environment! Whether it’s creating customisations around your newly acquired cosmetic pieces using wraps, gliders, emoticons, etc. – or taking advantage of the increased funds that come with the purchase of said goods – either way, go out and proudly show off your latest acquisitions amongst your peers, you won’t regret it!

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