How Whatsapp Generate Profits Without Advertisement? Let Us Find Out

Are you using whatsapp on your phone? If not, then you should immediately download it on your device because it is one of the best applications that will help you in chatting with your friends from anywhere in the world. You just need to have a higher in speed internet connection so that you won’t need to face issues while using the applications. Whatsapp makes lots of money from its users. People who are using the application are called as users. In the beginning, when the service is introduced, whatsapp wasn’t really made any higher profits. Now WhatsApp is finally ready to start making money with the help of the users. The number of messages sent, voice messages sent, photos, videos, etc. these are the things that help whatsapp in making of the money. We have seen various applications in the market for those who show us the advertisements because it is the primary source for them to make money. Whatsapp never shows or display any kind of advertisement or banner in the application and still makes lots of money. It is because of the staff and their mind. Lots of people are sitting in the services of those who know how to attract users so that they can come to earn a profit. If we talk about the latest features, then whatsapp is testing dark mode. People are getting crazy about it, and because of it, they update the application immediately after getting the notification. 

This is one of the examples in which you will come to know about the trick whatsapp uses for making money. You should use the app because it is free of cost and also, on the other hand, you can download it easily from the play store.  

Here are some of the ways in which whatsapp generate revenue without ads- 

Generating revenue is not an easy way as it requires lots of hard work and also, on the other hand, whatsapp has done lots of hard work for this. It has introduced lots of features as compared to earlier days, and this is the only thing that is responsible for attracting people. Here are some of the ways for your understanding- 

  1. Users- They play an essential role in generating revenue. There is only one concept that all the online services use. People those who create application has only one motive that is to make profits. Application with no profits will result in wastage of money and users helps a lot in generating revenue. The number of time users spends on the application will result in the amount of revenue by the company.
  2.  Active users- These are the users who are active and use the application. There are some who delete the account, or the whatsapp, and these are known as non-active users. Active users are also playing an essential role in generating revenue by the company. The amounts of active users are in billion, and now it was evident for the company to make lots of money daily or annually. 
  3. Message sent- The number of messages sent every day is the key feature. A person uses whatsapp for sending messages daily so that they can talk with their friends. Now it is obvious that billions of people will be going to send messages daily. Whatsapp service will be going to earn revenue daily in their career. This is also the best service that you can get to have in whatsapp.  
  4. Whatsapp business- It is the primary source of the whatsapp for generating revenues. If you own a business and want to expand it on the whatsapp, then the business option is the one for you. You have to pay for it for the registration, and it is known as in-app purchases. That money will work like revenue for the company. Users on the business account will help in generating more revenue as compared to normal accounts. 
  5. Slow replies in business account- If the business owner does not reply on time, then the business service will be going to charge them. It is because slow replies are bad for the business, and it also degrades the reputation for the business. This is one other way to keep users active on the business account so that they do not need to pay for the slow replies.  
  6. Using payment options- Now, you can transfer money from whatsapp as this is the newest feature you can get to have. Whatsapp charges some amount of transferring of money, and thus, that becomes a part of the revenue. It also helps in a boost in the numbers of users in whatsapp so that the service can make lots of money. 

Thus these are the ways in which whatsapp can come to earn money without displaying advertisements. The usage of the app is so easy that there is nothing complicated in it. You can contact your loved ones face to face by using the video call option in the whatsapp. 

In a nutshell, it is concluded that whatsapp is fully free of cost as you do not have to pay for downloading the app. Only you need to pay one dollar for one year as it is the only subscription plan you can get. Spending one dollar will be worth of paying because you will get lots of features that will be way beyond one dollar. Hence, you can enjoy the app anytime you want to. 

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