I Met My Honey by Playing Video Games

I’m really interested in video games. My favorite is a PC game called Diablo 2: Lord of Destruction. It was through playing this game, I met my honey. Eight years ago, on an icy, cold day, I got together with some friends who played the Diablo game online. I had played the game with them several times and I wanted to meet and hang out with them. I met the guys at one of my friend’s house and we decided that we were going to game together. It turned out that one of the guys I met there was interested in meeting me personally. He had brought over some of the other guys to the house and was interested in hanging out with us.

He didn’t play Diablo, but enjoyed Nintendo games such as Super Mario Brothers, Super Smash Brothers, and Super Mario Kart. He introduced himself and I found that I liked him immediately. As we gamed, I noticed that he kept looking at me frequently. I asked one of my girl friends about him and found out that he was a single parent like me and that he lived close by. She also said that he had asked about me and was interested in going out. That thrilled me, so I made a point of talking more to him. We made a date to hang out together at his house playing video games on his Nintendo GameCube. I wasn’t familiar with this game system, so it was a new challenge for me.

As I was more familiar with the pokemon series where you just needed to have Pokemon go accounts in your name, I was completely at sea this time and didn’t know where to begin with but nevertheless I took this challenge with both hands as I loved it.

Since then, we have been together off and on for nearly eight years. We live together now and have both the Nintendo Wii and the Xbox 360. We still play video games together and enjoy discussing the gaming details of both systems and games. I still play Diablo 2 and play online with my friends and meet with them occasionally to play games at each others’ houses. Both of our daughters play video games, but not to the extent that we do, so our whole family is interested in gaming together. We each have our individual favorites that we play. While I’m interested in RPG (role playing games), my honey likes Platforming games (games that require you to jump to and from different platforms in the game). One of our daughters likes the Platforming games, while the other likes sports and one-person shooter games. We can say that through video games and enjoying them, we have met and have become a couple. Gaming is a part of our lifestyle and something we come together and do as a couple and a family.

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