Leave Alec Baldwin Alone

Yet another “news” story that drives me nuts. What is the fascination with Alec Baldwin’s marital and family problems? I am all for knowing a bit about the entertainers that show up on the big small screens, but diving into their problems is not what I consider news or even remotely entertaining.

Are we just so enthralled by peeking into these famous peoples’ lives? Do we get a kick out of seeing that yes, even famous people have problems? Maybe deep down (or perhaps not so deep) we want to see these people that seemingly have more than us in life, at least in money and fame, get knocked of their pedestal? Whatever it is, the media loves to run with it because obviously people are eating it up.

I wonder what gets said in the entertainment news editors office when a new tidbit of hurtful gossip blossoms into something they consider newsworthy. “Hey, looks like the Baldwin divorce is heating up. How can we exploit this and make their lives that much worse?”

Not that I condone what Alec said in his voice mail to his daughter; I don’t. I ask you though, who hasn’t said something anger that they later regret? Especially when dealing with kids! We are all just lucky no one cares enough to post our recording online and have it make national news. Give the guy a break and let them deal with their problems behind closed doors, in counseling, or however they need to; not in the public headlines. This coverage is definitely not helping things.

Will the media mongers feel a sense of accomplishment if they get Alec to finally get off 30 Rock as he has tried in an effort to focus on his family issues? Or, will it take Alec losing completely custody rights of his daughter to get that thrill they need? Why do we feed these animals the hits to their articles that get them looking for this kind of trash?

Hey, life isn’t always a rosy, but we don’t need to make it worse either. I too check out the accident as I drive by, but I don’t stop in the middle of the street and throw out insults to make them feel worse. Find ways to help the broken family deal with their hurt, not throw salt on the wound and tug at it to make it worse.

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