Lose The Beer Belly – Know About It

The stomach is the easiest place to put weight on but as most people can testify, it is the dam hardest to shift weight off. If you think regular crunches or sit ups are the answer then think again.

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When men get around the forty mark they naturally start to lose about half a pound of muscle tissue each year. They also start to put on about one and a half pounds of fat each year naturally without any change to their diet and exercise regime. If you couple this with the fact people tend to exercise less the older they get and we all live in an age of fast food and TV dinners, then its no wonder the majority of us are carrying a little extra fat around the waist.

A lot of people believe that using ab machines or doing hundreds of crunches on a daily basis will shift weight from their stomachs, but this simply does not work. This type of exercise strengthens abdominal muscles and makes them larger but you will not be able to see them until you strip the fat away that surrounds them. Pumping iron and doing crunches is great for muscle definition but it is not the best way to burn fat. So beware of those products that promise you a flat stomach in weeks and those expensive ab machines if your main goal is to lose the beer belly. Aim for a good blend of diet, weight training, aerobic exercise and abdominal work.

The best way to lose the spare tyre is through regular cardiovascular exercise that increases your heart rate and burns the fat. This means more walking, jogging, cycling, climbing stairs and aerobic keep fit workouts. If this is the type of exercise you dread or find hard to motivate yourself to do then look for some support and make it social. You could join a spinning class at the gym or join a local running club. Elliptical training machines and treadmills are excellent for burning the fat and can be found at all gyms or you could invest in one for your home.

Your stomach muscles are under there and have been all the time, your goal is simply to uncover them. So now you have chosen your aerobic activity, its time to get to work. In order to start burning that stomach fat away you need to get to the point where you are exercising for more than 30 minutes at a time. In the first half hour you are burning off the stored carbohydrates in your body, after that you are directly attacking the fat. So it is worth hanging in there and building your fitness up to the point you are completing one continuous hour of aerobic exercise 3 to 4 times a week. You will then be in serious danger of losing that excess tummy fat, back it up with a sensible diet plan and nothing will stop you.

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