Men’s Guide: Looking For The Best Electric Razor For Men

Choosing the best electric razor for men can be a bit of a job, especially for some men who don’t have the right idea on what to look for – at least yet. There’s a lot of information and offers out there that will confuse you so to help you clear them out, we’ve gathered and simplified the important things to consider before making your purchase.

But before that, it’s important to know the differences between the following concepts as they would help you understand their influence in your choice.

Foil or Rotary

Foil shavers have a thin, curved foil that covers the shaving blade. When you run this on your beard, the blade cuts the hair that passes through the tiny holes in the thin foil. This type of shaver is ideal for thin to no-hair shaves. This is also preferred by men with sensitive skin.

Rotary shavers have three or more round motor heads that move in a circular motion, cutting the hair with the blades under the rotating heads. This type of shaver is ideal for trimmed beards and is favored by men with tougher skin.

Wet or Dry

It means that your shaving preference or activity is done in either a wet or dry setting. Some shave while at the shower with running water while some do the opposite. Careful considerations should be put into whether an electric razor can be used in both settings.

Having it set, here’s the list to guide you in your search for the best electric razors for men.

Power source

You should consider how your electric razor is powered. It is typically either by a connected wire plugged into an outlet, rechargeable battery (plug or charging dock), or a combination of both. The power source will greatly influence other functions that an ideal electric razor has. It would be best to look for an electric razor that has greater power capacity, by wire or battery.


A great deal of consideration is put into whether an electric shaver is preferred to be carried around or not. Technically speaking, all electric razors are portable enough but some kinds, like those with wires or charging docks, are not ideal for some users. Travelers and people with tight schedules prefer electric razors that can be used and kept without any much fuss. Rechargeable electric razors are usually searched for this particular purpose. Note that your electric razor should make it easier for you to groom and it should be portable as much as possible. Nonetheless, this feature should not sacrifice the quality aspect of the razor.


Looking for the best electric razor would guarantee that you are indeed objective and bound for success if you consider their performance aspect. This is further divided into specific parts:

  • Cutting ability – your electric razor should be able to cut hair with superb sharpness and precision. This is greatly influenced by the design and materials of the blades and the power that runs it.
  • Power capacity – one thing to be very careful about is the power that you need to finish the job. It is less of a concern if you’re using an electric razor with a chord connected plugged into an outlet. But if you’re going to use a rechargeable electric shaver, be sure that it doesn’t die out on you when you’re still not finished shaving. Choose the razor with high battery capacity if you’re going for rechargeable ones. Also, note that the razor’s power will greatly affect its cutting ability.
  • Featured technology – manufacturers have integrated various technology to add value to their products. These typically increase their performance perks like angle design to increase precision, lightweight materials use for easy handling, added battery capacity for longer life, features for safety, and even LED indicators for information monitor. Choose the best one with featured technology that will work for you.


When looking for the best electric razors for men, durability should be included in the criteria. Your electric shaver should be able to serve you for a long time with almost the same quality as a new one. It should not easily break, bend, or dull its blades after several uses. One way to asses this is by knowing the material used to make the razor itself, the blades, and the handle. Manufacturers use different materials with varying purpose so you have to check for that.


It is important that you buy from a brand that is trusted and has a good reputation in the grooming world. Most buyers already have specific brand names to choose from but if you’re new to this or would want to explore, there are several names in the market that offer high-quality electric razors.


Compare the cost of the shaver itself and the maintenance it requires. There are electric shavers that are expensive upfront but save significantly with minimal maintenance. On the other hand, there are also electric shavers that need constant replacement of parts like blades and cleaning cartridges that might cost high in the long run. Some electric shavers are also much durable than others though they may cost higher too. Check out different price quotations and see which product will suit your budget without compromising the quality that you want.

Hopefully, after taking this short guide, you’d be more able to decide on which electric razor is best for your money and grooming activity. After having your actual experience, you could even recommend your choice to other people. Let us know what you think!