Niche Blogs for Niche Marketing

One of the easiest and cheapest ways to make money on the internet is with the use of niche blogs for niche marketing. Niche marketing is finding a narrow topic that people are searching for. Niche blogs are nothing more than blogs focused solely around these niche markets.

Finding a profitable narrow topic and getting traffic to your blog are the hardest areas to making a profit with your blogs. San Diego SEO Expert will provide different blogs to the person to increase the rankings at the search engines. There will be increase in the traffic at the business through marketing. 

There are free keyword tools that help you to find niches that have high search volume and low search engine pages. Wordtracker .com ( has a free tool that shows daily searches from search engines. Google Adwords Keyword Tool ( gives search volume for the prior month’s searches and also the amount of advertisers advertising the niche. Another source that I use is eBay Pulse. It also shows the top searches for eBay, which is one of the highest traffic searches on the internet.

Next after finding what appears to be a profitable niche, go to Google Trends and check and see how your niche is doing. Google will show an extended graph on whether the trend is going up for your niche or if it is starting to decline in searches. It is preferable to find a trend that is still climbing, unless the niche you have selected is more of a seasonal item.

Once you have decided on your niche, go to or and find products to promote in your niche. Signing up to be an affiliate (someone who gets paid to sell someone else’s product) for these two sites is free and they handle all the sales and pay you from them.

Now that you have your niche and products to promote it is time to get a free blog. Go to or and sign up for a free blog. Make sure when setting up your blog that you use your niche keywords in the title of your blog and in the URL. Now start adding content either in the form of a review of the product or information on the topic. Make sure you are using your niche keywords through out the blog. Stay on topic of the niche.

Now that you have your niche, products to promote and a niche blog set up, you need to start niche marketing to drive traffic to your blog. There are several ways to do this.

The first place to start is to submit your blog to blog directories. Google blog directories and you should be able to find quite a few.

You can also submit your blog to search engines. Go to and use there free submission tool to submit your blog to over 40 search engines.

After you have done your submissions ping your blog. I recommend using for pinging. Ping regularly after every post to your blog. Make sure to blog on your niche every day for at least a month, then at least once a week.

Now it is time to write articles for your niche marketing. Try to write 20 articles on your niche using your niche keyword. Send half (not all at once) to Ezine Articles and half to Go Articles. These to sources will help get your blog to the front page of Google for your niche. Once you start seeing your blog on the first two pages of Google the traffic to your blog starts to pour in.

Find forums and groups that are related to your niche topic and start getting active in these sites. Make sure that you use your blog URL or anchor text in the signature line of these areas to promote your niche blog. Answer questions in these sites and act like an authority figure. Do not act like a sales person to your site. Be very courteous and helpful. You are trying to brand yourself as an authority and your blog as an extension of that authority.

If you are familiar with social networking sites you can also funnel traffic from these places to your blog also. These are all run differently and it would take too long to explain each one. They are very useful if you know how to use them.

These are just a few of the basics for getting traffic to your niche blogs and are very effective for niche marketing. Once you have one blog set up and making money consistently, then you can go on to find another niche to promote and start the process all over again.

I have not mentioned Adsense her for income for the simple fact that I do not like to use Adsense on niche blogs. Adsense drives people away from your site for pennies, when you could be making several dollars off of the sale of your product on your blog.

Done correctly, your niche marketing with niche blogs can bring in autopilot income for a very long time with very little maintenance.

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