Occupational Podiatry: Is This The Career Choice for You?

Graduation time has just happened for many college graduates. they have to head into their new life in whatever profession that they have chosen. If you are considering what to study for your future, then you might need some guidance. One great choice is a career in Occupational Podiatry. Anyone that is considering a career in Occupational Podiatry should decide if it suits what he or she is looking for in a career. Here is some information on what a career in Occupational Podiatry is like and what it is like to work in this profession.

What Skills Should I Have?

If you are considering a career in Occupational Podiatry, then you should make sure that you are scientifically minded. You would also need to have the ability to relate to the patient in a professional manner that is easy to approach. You will need to be capable of memorizing vast quantities of information. You will have to take exams and pass them well to become a Podiatrist.



Employment in Occupational Podiatry

Employment is solidly stable. Many podiatrists have their own practice that maintains this stability. This is the minority. Approximately 76% of all Occupational Podiatrists work in traditional positions. This is a very stable line of work for anyone. Projections show that the job market will increase in the future. As baby-boomers age, they will require far more use of podiatrists. As a professional podiatrist, you should also learn about Podiatry Billing Manuals that will help you as you deal with your patients. Additionally, with this knowledge, you can also help your patients with their billing problems more easily.


The income for the field of Occupational Podiatry is steady at a baseline of a six-figure income. The size of that six-figure income is dependent on the location where the practice is placed. It is understandable that higher-income neighborhoods will produce a better income at a higher six-figure rate.



Day-to-Day Work

Your daily work is focused on the feet. You will study, help and work on the feet of your patients every day of your career. Making the patient comfortable through assistance to their feet and the comfort of their feet is your work. Many studies have shown that the feet on a person make the entire rest of the body function in a more efficient manner. If the feet are in pain, then the body will not function. That is why this line of work is so important for the future. Your work in podiatry will affect the comfort and health of the future.

Studies are expanding in this field every day. You can be part of your future if you choose a career in Occupational Podiatry. It is a stable career choice. If you love making people feel better then this is for you. You can begin this career choice today. If you decide to pursue a career in Occupational Podiatry then you will be making the future of medicine expand further. It is your choice.

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