Playdate Etiquette

Every day after school, the same scenario is played out as my daughter gets off of the school bus. I want to have a play date!!! It gets so frustrating because the play dates always seem to be at my house. Don’t get me wrong. I do not mind having kids at my house i enjoy it actually. Just not every time.

How do I explain to my daughter that it is not polite to call a friend to play and ask if you can come to their house? On the other hand, if my daughter is always making the calls, how do I expect her to react any other way?

While reading this, you are probably thinking that I am a newcomer to this “play date” thing. Fact of the matter is, I have a fourteen year old son and a daughter who is about to turn ten. I have never had this problem. My middle daughter has a friend over and then a week or two later, she is invited to the friend’s house.

It is nice this way. I have asked a few of my friends if they have encountered this same thing. They seem to feel the same way. it gets to the point that I question whether or not the other children even ask to play with my daughter. I know she has lots of friends at school and she gets along well with others. So, what seems to be the problem?

I have no idea.

As I write this, I have my daughter and her friend here terrorizing me and giving me a headache. The mom is home taking a nap while the nanny watches the twins. The last time my daughter went to the friend’s house, the mom decided she needed to go shoe shopping. That must have been tons of fun for the kids.

I decided to stop at Michael’s and get some things to keep the girls busy. I bought them some modeling clay, markers, and a paint by number.

The clay got all over my work clothes(I am a dental assistant) and I now have a huge stain. I had no time to change because I ran home from work to meet the school bus.

I know I am complaining. I shouldn’t, though. I realized that if you create a sensory gym in your home, it could be a great venue for your kids and their friends. I am one lucky mom. My kids and their friends have a great time when they come here. It would be nice to be able to sneak in a quick nap before dinner while my daughter is out having a play date. The only thing is that , before I know it, my daughter will be coming home late from school. She will be out at the mall with her group of friends. She may even be out on a date with her boyfriend. I guess that nap can wait a few years.

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