Points To Keep In Mind In Finding An Embroidery Digitizing Agency

Embroidery digitizing is a revolutionary art form which focuses on producing high quality embroidered designs on fabric. See those embroidered company or sports team logos on shirts, pants and caps among other clothing? Those are probably digitized.  And digitizing services to embroidery shops and companies produce such outputs.

Embroidery digitizing companies have complete facilities for churning out the best designs on fabric. They have computer-operated sewing machines on production lines. Plus, they have highly-skilled artists with specialized embroidery knowledge to handle the operations. Aside from producing quality embroidery designs, these agencies are also capable of small to large production size depending on clients’ needs.

Thing is, there are many embroidery digitizing companies today. Choosing one is quite a task, and you cannot afford to hire the wrong agency. You want nothing but the best results. That is why you must remember few tips in finding one to hire.

How to Choose the Best Embroidery Digitizing Agency today

  1. Gather the Best Options

Begin by gathering the vest options possible. To do this, ask some friends or acquaintances who have hired an embroidery digitizing agency before. Company managers and owners, as well as sport teams are some good sources of recommendations.

Alternatively, you can Google for the best agency as well. It is best to find one in your local area, although options from other places are great if they have reliable shipping methods.

If you’d go for online searching, be sure to check out reviews and feedbacks from reliable sources. The best agencies produce happy customers which make positive reviews. Yelp and other yellow pages are good examples of reliable review sources.

  1. Check Quality of Outputs

After gathering few options, the next phase is comparing them side by side. Start by checking the embroidery designs they produce to see which agency makes high quality outputs. If you can drop-by at their place, see some physical samples or photos of their past works. If you’d consider an agency from a different area, connect with them and ask photos of samples.

If you’ve asked some friends for recommendations, you can also ask them for some samples. Say, you’ve asked a basketball team coach. Check out shirts of their team’s players to see the quality of designs they’ve got.

  1. Gauge their Production Capability

There are two important factors when considering the production line of an agency. First, know how many units they can produce. This is important if you need small or large quantities of outputs. Check if they can produce only few pieces, or if they’re capable of producing hundreds depending on your needs.

Second, know the turn-around time of an agency. This is to make sure of receiving your orders on the right time. If you need embroidered company shirts for a corporate gathering next week, for example, then the agency must give you the orders in a couple of days or so.

Yes, advertised turn-around time is a good source of such info, but it is best to ask people or companies who have availed their services. This is to make sure that an agency sticks with their promised schedule.

  1. Know the Price Rates

Next, it is important to know the rates of your options and see if it fits your budget. Yes, it is understandable to avoid unreasonably expensive services, but don’t go for unbelievably cheap rates too. Be sure to properly weigh prices with the quality they provide.

Also, do not miss to inquire about discounts. These agencies are known to offer huge discounts when clients order in huge bulks.

  1. Talk with Them

Lastly, be sure to communicate with a company before making your orders. First, this is to acquire all vital info and details of their services, including the points mentioned above. Second, it helps you gauge their specialty in doing the job as well. Ask them how they churn out the best digitized embroidery design, and a reliable agency can explain it clearly in detail.

Moreover, this is a good way in gauging their customer service as well. You don’t want difficulties in communicating with them, such as asking for updates, clarifying price rates, as well as making some changes.

Finding the right embroidery digitizing company leads you to high quality designs on fabric. Carefully keep these points in mind while searching, so you’d end up with the best agency.

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