Quick Ways to Lose Weight

If you have been bothered by over-weight problems for long time, you may want to find some solutions which help you lose weight successfully and quickly. Indeed, there are some simple but practical diets which can bring you effective weight-loss result.

Firstly, you should some preparation jobs:

1 – You need abundant sleep to help promote your metabolism system to burn extra fat from your body. Ideally, you should go to bed before 10pm each night, even on weekends. If you are a night owl, you need to sleep for at least 12-hour sleep for recovering your metabolism system. Otherwise, don’t expect your metabolism system to work effectively for burning excess fat.

2 – When you have the feeling of hunger, it’s the moment when your body starts to burn excess fat from your body. On this moment, you should resist the temptation of delicious food.

Secondly, you should follow the right diets:

Diet # 1 Combination of apples and milk. You should follow this diet for one week:

*During Monday and Tuesday, you should only eat apples and drink milk.

On Monday, you can eat around 2 pounds of apples (approximately 5 to 6 apples, no more than 7);

Note: During this day, you can only eat apples and drink water, but don’t eat yogurt or any other food. When you eat apples, cut them into small pieces and take time to chew each piece of them.

On Tuesday, take 5 meals. Each meal, you can drink 200ml of skim milk or eat 200 ml of yogurt. During this day, you can only drink milk or eat yogurt, but don’t touch other food. (You can also drink milk and eat yogurt at the same time, but pay attention to the volume you take.)

* During Wednesday and Thursday, you don’t have to limit your diet to certain food. You can eat as usual, but don’t forget to bring more vegetables and fruits onto your plates.

* During Friday and Saturday, you can follow the apple-milk diet for another two days.

* On Sunday, you can go back to your normal diet regime.

Diet # 2: Apples, grapefruits and skim milk

With this diet regime, you can drink as much skim milk as you want. However, besides drinking skim milk, you can only eat grapefruits and apples. You should follow this diet regime for 7 days (1 week). During the period, you can take the multi-vitamin tablets to supply enough nutrition to your body.

Diet # 3: Only eat the liquid food, for example: water, skim milk or low-fat chicken soup (remove the chicken skin).

Besides salt, don’t put any oil or add sauce into the soup. This diet helps clean up your digest system.

While you follow the above diets, if possible, you should also do some aerobic exercises per day for strengthening the weight-loss result. Normally, after following the above regimes for 1 week, you will receive obvious result of weight loss. As fat in our hips and thighs  is more visible than any other part of body. An indvidula can easily notice the excessive fat in our body with naked eyes.

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