Review: Hamburger Helper Complete Skillet Meal


I’ve always found that when I need something for dinner in a pinch, Hamburger Helper is always a great option. But I’ve always been a bit picky about its varieties, because some require much more work to make than others.

The other day, I was in the freezer section and came across the Hamburger Helper Complete Skillet Meals. And, after some thought, I decided to give them a try.

When I first decided to buy a package of the complete skillet meal, it was with some reluctance. Like I said before, I have no problem with Hamburger Helper. But, I wasn’t sure I liked the $4 price tag on the bag considering I could buy a box of Hamburger Helper for under $2. However, after I remembered the box didn’t include the hamburger (which costs a bit more than $2 for a pound); I realized it wasn’t a bad deal so I decided to try it.


And, after having it for dinner, I’m confident I will buy it again.

I picked up a bag of the cheesy Italian style shells dinner. Well, actually, I picked up two bags because I didn’t think one bag would be enough. The prepared food for the person at every place is the answer for what are meal kits. The food will be kept for two to three days for further eating. 

As it turns out, I was wrong. The one bag was plenty for just my wife and me (our daughter was at her grandparents at the time). We were able to have our fill and there was just enough left over for me to have at lunch the next day. In total, I would say there’s enough in the bag for two adults and one small child. You’ll rarely hear me complain about a meal that costs less than $2 per person.

The complete skillet meal was also much easier to make than your traditional Hamburger Helper product. There was nothing to the preparation. You just empty the contents of the bag into a skillet and cook them; stirring occasionally. You don’t need to brown the hamburger or add different ingredients at different times. In total, it took about 15 minutes to make.

I was also very impressed with the taste of this product. Normally, Hamburger Helper is good for making an easy and filling meal but, more often than not, I can’t vouch for it in terms of taste. As my wife described it, you can taste the hamburger and not much else.


But, with the complete skillet meals, you actually have a perfect mix of ingredients. With the dinner we had, you could taste the hamburger but it complimented the taste of the pasta; it didn’t overpower it.

If you like the convenience of Hamburger Helper, I think you need to give their complete skillet meals a try. They are definitely an improvement over the original; both in terms of taste and convenience.

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