Review: Results Indoor Insect Killer Through Rubbing Alcohol

Bed bugs are little reddish/brown colored bugs that inhabit the living areas of your home. They love to hide in the crooks and crannies of your beds, chairs and sofas. They will also hide under loose wall paper, in your smoke detector, and behind the face plate of your electrical sockets. They will basically hide anywhere they can find that is secluded and dark.

More than likely, you won’t see a bed bug unless you are looking for it. You may find tell tale signs of the bugs as they leave their fecal matter in your bed at night while you are asleep. You might even find a dead bed bug in your bed if you happened to roll over on it and crush it while you are sleeping, but normally they are really good at hiding. You can pour bedbug in a jar with rubbing alcohol after finding them. it will lead to the killing of the bed bugs from the home.

Most people who are bitten by bed bugs don’t even know it. You usually don’t feel their bite when you are asleep. Although I got the idea for this article when a friend of mine said she was bitten by a bed bug. She said she felt a little pinch on her ankle while she was in a light sleep. She looked where she had been bitten and was extremely shocked to find a bed bug in bed with her. I did a little research for her and found Results brand insect killer. She used it as directed and she said it worked very well. Read below how to get rid of bed bugs.

To get rid of bed bugs

To get rid of bed bugs you must isolate them from their food source, which is you. Their source of nutrition comes from ingesting your blood. Results brand insect killer is safe to use on your bed. Be sure to treat all the cracks and crevices in your bed. If you can fit a credit card in between any surfaces of your bed, couch or chairs bed bugs can hide there. You must keep a barrier between them and you. In order for them to come out of their hiding spots in the bed or other furniture to get to you they will have to cross a chemical barrier. You will need to treat your bed and other furniture once a week for about 4 to 6 weeks.

It is very important to not slack up while treating your home over the 4 to 6 week period because bed bug eggs are impervious to insecticide, so you must kill them as they hatch out. From the time you start treating your home, it could take up to 6 weeks for all of the eggs to hatch out. If you miss one week of treating your home, you could have many more eggs laid and have the infestation that much longer.

Should you be squeamish about sleeping in your bed with chemicals on it, you can leave the chemicals in your bed and furniture for an hour or two and then vacuum it all up; however this method will not be as effective as leaving the chemicals in place. It is very important that you continue to sleep in your bed as you always have. They must be drawn by their appetite for your blood to come out of hiding and track through the insecticide. If you change your sleeping location, they will either try to find you or another blood source within the home, or they will go into hibernation. You do not want them to go into hibernation, because they can hibernate up to 7 months, which means they can live without eating. Just when you think the bed bugs are all gone, they wake up and feed on you again, so keep up your routine so they can come out of their hiding places and die.

Results brand indoor insect killer is sold in a 1 pound container. There is enough product to treat 1000 square feet. You can purchase a container for $19.75 online at:

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