Reviewing the Chumby Wi-fi Device: Goofy Name, Great Concept

The Chumby can do many different things and is fully customizable to each owner. Before I explain what all the Chumby can do I will tell you this, the Chumby is not a standalone device. It is a wi-fi device that’s functions are all controlled from a web page.

How The Chumby Works

Now that we all know that you have to have some kind of Internet access to really get the full benefits of this thing, we will talk about what exactly it does. There is really no way to label it as one specific thing. It is a wi-fi device, but it is not a computer, pda, smartphone, or any other wi-fi device that you are used to. The Chumby looks like a mini TV and it has similar functions to a TV, as well as having similar functions to a computer.

When you go to the website and register your Chumby, you will be given different options as to what type of apps you would like to add to your Chumby. There are a number of things that can be added such as public transportation updates, weather, and lots more. There are also games and social networking sites that can be added to the Chumby as well.

The Chumby is a perfect idea for someone who needs something else to focus on from time to time and someone who gets bored easily. The Chumby is something that can always be changed just by heading to the web site and choosing different apps for it. A dream for those who are easily bored, and gives it a longer life expectancy before it becomes just another thing that we are bored with.

Music lovers can pick up a list of Internet radio stations. Music options like Pandora, SHOUT-cast, Mediafly and host of others are all available on the Chumby or you can choose to plug in your iPod and play your own music.

Not So Chumby

The only real problem with the Chumby is that the touch screen is not quite what you would expect this day in age. The unfortunate truth about the Chumby is that you can’t do anything on it that you can’t do on the latest mobile phones or a computer, but it looks neat and would be an interesting conversational piece when you have company over.

The Chumby seems to be nothing more than an Italian leather bean bag with a screen, but it is just one of those techno-toys that is nice to have and can keep you in the know about different things at home, or offer a bit of play time while you are at work.If you are like me and need to be distracted from your work every once in a while to be able to accomplish more, then the Chumby would be a great on-the-job toy. To fully experience its benefits to users, it is advisable to use super boost wifi while using it.


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