Saving Money on Air Conditioning

I, like most people, use air conditioning quite a bit in the summer. I hate to be overheated, and using central air makes my home comfortable and livable. However, the high bills I pay for running the air conditioning have inspired me to make a few changes to cut my bills. Following these easy tips can also help you save money and stay cool when it is hot outside.

First, I turned the air temperature up a few degrees. If you usually run your air conditioner at 60 or 65 degrees, try to bump it up to 70 or 75 degrees instead. You will save literally hundreds of dollars if you can make the adjustment. If you really hate bumping the temperature, then consider setting the AC to run at the lower temperature for a half hour at a time; the room will stay cool for quite a while even after your raise the temperature on the AC.

Next, avoid having air conditioner that kicks in automatically. Instead, install a timer that turns on the AC a few minutes before you wake up or get home from work and leave it off during the day and night. If you really can’t live with the heat in the evening, consider using a fan in your bedroom instead. Alternately, use a window air conditioning unit. Although these still use electricity, they are much cheaper than running your central air during the night. The only trick is to make sure that they really fit your window; if you notice any gaps around the unit, fill them with cardboard or wrap around them with heavy duty plastic to keep cool air inside. You can also use window AC units if you have a large house. That way, you won’t be wasting energy cooling rooms that no one is using.

You can also cut costs by keeping lights off and using a power strip to cut the electricity to your appliances when they aren’t in use. Even if turn appliances off, leaving them plugged in still drains electricity and can heat your house. Also, commit to having as few lights on as possible, which will cut down on heat generation. Another great hint is to try not to use the stove or oven. If you must use them, try to make meals that require little reheating.

Finally, you may want to consider putting plastic over your windows. Just as plastic keeps heat inside in the winter, it can help to keep cool air inside in the summer. Another option if you have the money and want to cut costs is to conduct an energy audit. The auditors can suggest ways to cut all of your energy usage, and the investment is often well worth it when compared to future savings.

It is not at all difficult to save money for your AC, except the occasional call to the Best San Diego HVAC Company for repairing the machine at regular intervals but just make sure that you are adhering to all the points mentioned above.

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