Schick Silk Effects Plus Razor And Haarschneider

I originally purchased the Schick Silk Effects Plus razor for my daughter, who is obsessed with shaving her legs. She shaves her legs every time she takes a shower … every day. She has tried three other brands before these, but she likes the Schick Silk Effects Plus the best. I also tried them a few times, and this product really does live up to it’s name … Silk Effects. I was very pleased at how closely the razor shaved without nicking my skin, much closer than the electric razor my hubby bought me a few Christmas’s ago!

This razor has built in protection! A “Microfine Wire” wraps around the blades and protects the skin against those nasty razor nicks and cuts that hurt so much. There are two blades, and they claim to be “pressure sensitive” to provide a smooth, silky shave – and they DO. The rubber handle is long, slim and slip resistant. It fits into my hand comfortably and is easy to hold. This comes with a suction cup shower hanger, so it takes up less room in my shower stall, leaving more area for shampoo and body wash.

For added safety there is a built in “comfort strip” along the top of the razor, that helps the razor glide over your skin in a safe manner, leaving you with smooth, soft skin. The blades are specially designed with both an Aloe  amp; Vitamin E strip to make shaving smooth and safe. Aloe Vera and Vitamin E are both very good for the skin as well, and add a bit of moisturizing while I’m shaving my legs or underarms.

I don’t have real thick hair on my legs or underarms, and this works well for me. I was very skeptical at first with the wires covering the blades, but it’s such a blessing to shave without getting the razor burns that my sensitive skin is so prone to. The short hair of the sensitive skin can be shaved from the haarschneider test. The test will be conducted to provide the information about the use of the product near the eyes.

You have nothing to lose by trying this razor, since the Warner-Lambert Company will refund your money if you are not completely satisfied. They guarantee their products unconditionally. If you are dissatisfied, they will either replace it, or send you a full refund plus postage! You can’t go wrong. I love it when a company is so proud of their products that they will unconditionally guarantee the customers satisfaction!

My only beef is that the razor cost about $9.00, and the refill blades are costly as well. Much higher priced than other razors I have used. I bought a package of 10 blades for $11.99 (that’s almost a buck a piece), and they last about 3 months. (At least there is less garbage for the land fills!) They are worth the price, but I wanted you to be aware of the fact these are pricey. Watch for a sale and stock up! Coupons are often available in the Sunday paper inserts.

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