Slip of the Tongue Ruining Your Relationship?

All guys at one point or another will say to themselves, “Good going…you really messed up this time.” Saying the wrong thing will always make you want to kick yourself, but don’t get too dramatic about it. Men are notorious for speaking before they think, and letting their…manly areas…do the thinking.

I myself just recently let my voice loose without a collar on and offended the girl I love most of all. Guys, you know it’s happened to you. Once you either become so angry because you’ve bottled up feelings, or you’re just plain bottled up, you let it all go. Coincidently, it always seems to pour over the last person you want to drench, doesn’t it? Well, whether you’ve been in that situation or not, here are some tips to prevent it from happening later on.

  1. Always, always, always, think before you speak!
  2. This may sound difficult, but think about how she might feel when you say it. Don’t just put yourself in her shoes, because she’ll feel different as a woman.
  3. Avoid yelling. You may be angry and may want to scream, but try not to yell in her face, or even on the phone.
  4. Be willing to admit your mistakes. If she’s questioning you about something, don’t try to turn the light on her faults, just admit you were wrong. You’ll usually get off a lot easier that way.
  5. Punishing yourself or scolding yourself for it may help you feel better, but may also make you less appealing to her. Let her do the punishment if it’s needed.
  6. Don’t forget to ALWAYS be honest. Just because she didn’t ask, doesn’t mean you can hide the truth. Okay so maybe you aren’t technically lying, but you’re not telling the truth either. Be 100% honest all the time. That goes along the way.
  7. Watch out for whom you’re going to drop it all on. Your date or spouse shouldn’t come to mind first. Maybe a friend who has always been there would be a better alternative. Much less risk of facing consequences!
  8. Remember that once you’ve said it, there’s no taking it back. But you can fix it, so don’t give up the instant you realize you’ve said too much.
  9. Violence never helps. EVER. Abuse can only make it worse, and almost always guarantee’s a break-up or divorce.
  10. Don’t play stupid. You know what you did wrong, you know you can’t take it back, and by all means, don’t run! Running away from the situation will leave her to come back to, as well as her friends and family. By the time you come back, they will be well aware of the situation and determined to be on her side.

With all these tips make sure that you develop a healthy relationship with your partner. You can also check out love quotes for her romantic in order to share your feelings for your partner through some of the best quotes that are there on the internet. If you’re one of those guys who just can’t stop saying the wrong things, you’re going to want to follow these tips carefully. They don’t even need to be memorized or remembered exactly because they should just be moral reminders that tell you right from wrong. So these aren’t guidelines for anything.

Also, if you’re on the other side, and are hearing all these offending or upsetting remarks, talk about it with them. Don’t become enraged instantly, denying all explanations. Tell them about your thoughts on the subject and hopefully, you’ll come to an understanding.

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